God Bless The Hound

God Bless The Hound
Image: IMDB / HBO

Now that we’re done with the finale, let’s remember what Game of Thrones was truly great for: the Hound finding increasingly creative ways to tell people to fuck off.

Supercuts Delight on YouTube has done plenty of banging Game of Thrones mashups. But the best one by far–although six minutes of Tyrion failing is pretty good–is just eight seasons of Sandor Clegane reminding everyone how useless and shitty their lives are, compressed into five beautiful minutes.

Definitely listen with sound. Maybe not with speakers in the office though. The c-bomb count gets pretty high.

There’s more great supercuts here. Three minutes of Tormund failing to flirt is fun, as is the two minutes of Lyanna Mormont calling people out on their bullshit.

God she was good.


  • The shot where you look with a lower rising angle from the back of the hound, up the staircase at the Mountain, is the single best shot in season 8, possibly the *entire* show. It’s a Frank Frazetta painting come to life, it’s utterly astounding how well it’s framed, coloured and weighted.

    Have a look:


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