Look, There's Picton

A poll from a travel site recently found that the New Zealand accent, remarkably, was the sexiest accent in the world. Naturally, our Kiwi cousins called bullshit in the best possible way.

1 NEWS came up with a simple method for testing the theory. To see if the Kiwi accent was as sexy as it supposedly is, they took a number of romantic scenes from classic movies - Titanic, Notting Hill, Team America, you get the idea - and redubbed the whole thing with a Kiwi twist. (The accents start from 52 seconds.)

I'm dying.


    I just spat my drink at the end. And that shitty recorder tooting n screeching away gets me every time.

    That is bloody hilarious and as a kiwi I'm also calling bullshit, I bet it's more because it's relatively unknown accent for most of the world, making it new, mysterious and exotic.
    (Lol, even that make me chuckle)

    It reminds me of when I first came to Australia as a teen and would attend various drunken parties.
    Once people realised I was kiwi I would be asked to pronounce the favourites like fish and chips, six etc
    After the laughter there was always girls who would approach and say they thought my accent was sexy and I really had to tell myself, "Shut the hell up you idiot, don't ruin it, just fucking run with it!!"
    I especially had more luck with a bit of Maori flair than I did with the basic Kiwi but I had more than a few girlfriends tell me it was the quiet Maori sound that got them, the drunken higher pitch with hyena laugh that tended to arise when a group of us got together was much less appealing apparently.

    not a kiwi but what the hell

    Choice bro!

    genius marketing from the travel website, come up with a poll with a result so outrageous and everyone will be talking about it.

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