The Pokemon Company Didn’t Like That Lickitung Scene In Detective Pikachu

The Pokemon Company Didn’t Like That Lickitung Scene In Detective Pikachu

Pokemon Detective Pikachu hit theatres this weekend and contains many CGI recreations of famous Pokemon creatures. Creating these digital animals was challenging and in a Time Magazine story, released earlier this week, the visual effects team behind the film talked about the work involved in creating some of these creatures.

Also, The Pokemon Company doesn’t actually know what Mr.Mime is and hated that Lickitung scene.

Erik Nordby, the visual effects supervisor on the film, explained that to create the scene where Lickitung uses its giant tongue to lick the main character of the film, they created a giant latex tongue and covered it in fake saliva. Interestingly, according to Nordby, The Pokemon Company wasn’t a big fan of this scene. “ That’s one where we got right up to the edge of what they would be comfortable with.”


Disturbingly, when the director of the film asked The Pokemon Company about Mr. Mime and what he is, they didn’t have much info to give, saying “We don’t know.” In fact, the company actually tried to convince the creators of the film to not use Mr. Mime. They weren’t sure he would work on screen.


For Loudred, a Pokemon with a speaker like ears and giant mouth, the VFX team had trouble finding a place for his guts. As Nordby explained, “When he opens his mouth it’s a vacuous hole: There’s little room for a brain or anything else.”

The Pokemon universe is a nightmare. At least we have the adorable Detective Pikachu and his hat.


  • I was about to question why a creature would have ears that projected sound but then realised that, if connected to an input, speaker cones can act as a microphone to receive sound, but then realised that it is a fictional character not created to be in any way anatomically correct and I am putting way to much thought into the aural anatomy of a Pokemon.

    • Human ears can emit sound. There are some conditions that can cause audible tones to emanate from an afflicted individual and these can often actually be heard by other people in close proximity. In fact, otolaryngologists (or ENTs, or Ear, Throat & Nose doctors) take advantage of the physics of the ear to asses and diagnose the health of the ear through the sound it makes.

  • Lol, even Frankenstein came to fear his creation.
    Let’s face it, some of these things just become nightmare fuel when you try to make them realistic.

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