Apex Legends Is A Part Of Prime Day Now

Apex Legends Is A Part Of Prime Day Now

As you’d expect from a company that spent over a billion dollars to buy Twitch, Amazon’s always looking towards video games as a way to drive people back to their shopping network. So for Prime Day this year, that collaboration is taking place through Apex Legends, with Twitch offering new skins and content for Amazon Prime subscribers.

Prime Day isn’t until July 15 and 16 internationally, but Amazon Prime / Twitch Prime members (if you have the former, you get access to the latter through the same account) from July 3. A special Legendary skin will be gifted to all Prime members, as well as a weapon skin of undeclared rarity. Three more skins will be released to Prime members over the course of the month, and Amazon announced this afternoon that content will be released for “multiple EA SPORTS titles”, presumably FIFA and Madden.

Alongside all of this, there’ll be a few celebrity promotional tournaments in Apex Legends and FIFA 19. More helpful, though, is the reminder for anyone to link their Twitch and Amazon Prime accounts. If you do it before July 2, you’ll be able to redeem rhythm RPG Metronomicon, the 2D tower defence/platformer Aegis Defenders, the dodgeball game Stikbold and 10 Second Ninja X. You’ll also get a 12 month subscription for the Nintendo Switch Online service, which is a handy $29.95 saving.

This isn’t the first time Amazon has linked Twitch with their Prime Day promotions, but it’s an indication of what we can expect when Black Friday and Cyber Monday roll around later this year (and, hopefully, with bigger deals). And that’s not forgetting all those rumours (and patents!) about Amazon working on their own model for cloud gaming, which seems a certainty given their ownership of Twitch and the scale of AWS.

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