No Man’s Sky Fans Buy Ad Outside Hello Games Office To Say Thanks

No Man’s Sky Fans Buy Ad Outside Hello Games Office To Say Thanks
Image: Twitter (Hello Games)

What a difference a year or two makes.

It wasn’t that long ago that the pitchforks were out for No Man’s Sky. These days? The community is literally buying ad space to say thank you to the developers. 138 No Man’s Sky fans, from the official subreddit, raised just over $3400 to buy an outdoor billboard just outside the Hello Games’ offices in Guildford, UK.

“Billboards are booked months even up to years in advance, we were lucky enough to be offered a 2 week campaign within a 2 minute drive of the Hello Games office in Guildford, UK. The closest available time slot was a 2 week period from 12 AUG 2019,” the GoFundMe campaign, which only needed a goal of $2531 ($US1750), says. “A portion of the funds will also be used to buy a case of beer and lunch for the team.”

The campaign itself was already a nice outpouring of appreciation for No Man’s Sky and the game’s turnaround, but the campaign’s success has triggered another wave of love for the British developers:




And as you’d expect, Sean Murray is taken aback by all of this.

In a week where the global spotlight is on video games, and the people who play them — a natural byproduct of mainstream interest from E3 — it warms the heart to see the best of communities when they truly come together.

Sean Murray has spoken before, most recently at GDC, about how his studio redoubled their efforts and changed processes to turn things around. In an interview with Stephen, Murray noted that gamers sometimes tend to forget about “the nice things people do in games”. “This is lovely and really meaningful to make games in a time when people are connected enough that they can do that,” he told Kotaku.

And now, that connection will be a permanent feature, 2 minutes away from the No Man’s Sky offices. For at least a fortnight, anyway, and not including the free booze that’s on its way.


  • They should of also added underneath

    *P.S. screw you Sony for rushing them so you could have your “exclusive” game on time

    • That never happened though, Murray admitted as much at GDC.
      Sony only provided marketing support and HG had full control of all decisions, including the release date.
      When started running out of money Sony even offered free , no strings attached, cash and development support which HG turned down.

      For some reason fans refuse to let the Sony blame go despite the fact they bent over backwards for HG.

      • Well actually he blames himself for agreeing to work with Sony, so it did actually happen.

        “Sony put loads of pressure on them to release!” or whatever. I mean, that’s just an obvious thing that Sony would do. That’s what a publisher does. I mean, they wouldn’t be doing their job if they didn’t do that.

        I don’t know what a good way to say this is, but like, we worked with Sony, and we didn’t have to. We didn’t know what it would be like, but also, [laughs] maybe we should have understood? I’ve said to people before, if a kid gets into the cage at the zoo with the gorilla…

        • You left out a lot from that excerpt, here’s a link to the entire entire interview for actual context…

          Here’s the problem, he doesn’t say it happened at all, he’s citing fans making the claims and parroting their beliefs on how big bad publishers act.
          He doesn’t confirm or deny it before vaguely throwing out comments that can be interpreted as just about anything but an actual statement.
          He’s fueling the debunked theories while making sure not to be caught out making the claim himself, as seen when he’s pressed to explain exactly what he’s saying, choosing to waffle off instead.
          (Sony didn’t even publish the bloody game, HG did, Sony just covered the PlayStation side of it)

          Before you give me that other argument that he’s just afraid of upsetting the snarling behemoth that is Sony, he’s had no issue pointing the finger at everyone, he just keeps shooting himself in the foot all the time.
          Sony (and Microsoft) left behind their big bad indie smashing legacies long ago, Sony has had nothing but high praise for their revamped indie program for its flexibility and support, which kinda kills that whole, “little guy getting pushed around by the big guy, who only works with other big guys”, bollocks.

          The guy contradicts himself and changes his stories more than I change my kids nappy.

          Here he is gloating about how he wore the pants and wasn’t getting strong armed in to anything, even ignoring very sound advice from almost everyone.
          (And also spouting absolute garbage we came to realise was never in the game and never will be)

          I’m not going to argue that the game hasn’t drastically improved from release or that HG hasn’t don’t some amazing work since because they really have.
          But as for Murray, that guy is a shyster, a grifter with a penchant for running his mouth.
          We know HG set the release date, set the price, could’ve delayed without consequence from Sony, could’ve accepted no strings attached cash and resources and were handed more control and support than any small company has ever been given before.

          • And a good publisher does put pressure on developers.

            Otherwise you end up like DoubleFine with massive feature creep and dwindling funds.

  • So this game is good now? I’ve always wanted to try it but I stayed clear becuase of the terrible terrible reviews

    • It’s become almost everything it was promised to be. If you like the idea of exploring a near-infinite universe of weird planets, building and crafting bases on them and just generally adventuring, then this game might be for you.

      That said, the next big update is a month or so away, so you could hold off until then and go in with the latest version of the game.

    • It’s better than it was and as someone else said closer to what was promised. The key word being “closer”. Worth checking out if on sale but don’t pay full price.

    • There’s more depth to it now than there was back in the day – it’s a bit grindy at some points, but there’s more to see and do. It’s still an exploration game though – it isn’t the X Series for example with procedural generation.

  • Perfect feel good Friday piece.

    I was going to use Hello Games as an example of how amazing it can be when developers listen and respond well from community outcry yesterday, but I realised I was rambling.

    I have a ton of good faith for Hello Games as a result of the previous two years, because I know if they ship something that doesn’t quite stack up (I actually had a blast with NMS at launch, but I understand it wasn’t really what was hyped), they will work on it until it’s fixed.

  • Well, my heart grew two sizes just reading that.

    (I enjoyed NMS at release, but I really get why people didn’t.)

  • Am i thankful for them?

    No. This was a mess of their own creation.

    Am i glad for their actions? Yes

    Not only have they provided an example of what not to do when promoting your game, They have also provided an example somewhat of what to do afterwards. Which some companies seemed to have not heeded both points (Looking at you bioware)

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