StarCraft Gets An Official Cartoon Makeover

StarCraft Gets An Official Cartoon Makeover

Blizzard is going to release a graphics pack for Starcraft: Remastered that transforms the game, giving it the look of Carbot Animations’ Starcrafts series.

This isn’t a fan mod that Blizzard simply gave its blessing to; it’s the real deal, which applies to everything from ladder matches to the campaign to mission briefings, a nice gesture from the company towards a long-running, fan-favourite series.

The announcement was actually made in Korea a couple of weeks back, but since few in the Western world noticed at the time, it was re-announced today in this clip, which shows what the graphics pack looks like in action:

The Starcrafts pack will be out on July 11.


  • I get that many people love gritty shades of grey and brown in All The Games. For easy readability and information parsing, however, nothing beats a well done comic book look with strong black outlines.

    Also, it’s always nice to see my monitor getting a full RGB workout.

  • Had to do a quick double take as I was thinking.. pretty sure carbot already did the Starcrafts mod for SC2…. then realised its for the original sc!

    Well count me hyped! Time too boot up the old game and grab the starcrafts mod!

  • Awww this reminds of Total Biscuit, when he was a commentator and made it all exciting by being all “What’s this ladies and gentlemen? Some adorable little things have taken over!”

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