Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Has Begun And Here’s How To Watch It

Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Has Begun And Here’s How To Watch It

Summer Games Done Quick is back! Speedrunners will be playing through a mix of modern and retro games and doing amazing things all around while racing against the clock. This year’s event just started with Spyro Reignited Trilogy and will run from today until July 1 where the event will end with a speedrun of Chrono Trigger.

SGDQ will be livestreamed on GamesDoneQuick’s Twitch Channel and is raising money for Doctors Without Borders, which is an international medical humanitarian organisation that provides aid to nearly 70 countries.

I wrote earlier how speedrunners have helped me to understand some of the weirder games of my childhood. I’m genuinely excited to see the way they race through and conquer many of the games on their schedule. This is a fantastic speedrunner’s glossary if you need a refresher or are watching them for the first time.

You can find a full schedule here. The speedruns I’m looking forward to today include:

9:51AM: Minish Cap, which is one of my favourite Zelda games and one I nearly wrote about for this weekend stint.

11:56AM: Devil May Cry, the classic demon hack and slasher.

1:03PM: Streets of Rage, an awesome brawler for the Sega Genesis.

I wrote earlier how excited I am about tomorrow’s Blaster Master speedrun and there’s plenty of other games I can’t wait to watch so make sure to check out SGDQ throughout the week.


  • Full list of games available online at if anyone wants to see the full list and local time of the runs.

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