Anime Made Realistic, Oh Goodness Why

Anime Made Realistic, Oh Goodness Why
Screenshot: <a href="">Muscatーマスカットー</a>, ©️長谷川町子美術館

Previously, Kotaku reported that the characters in one of Japan’s most beloved anime were getting realistic versions. They have and do they ever look awful.

Sazae-san is the longest-running animated TV show in the world. Debuting in 1969, the anime is a cultural institution in its native Japan.

ImageImage: Fuji TV

The main character is Sazae, who is standing in the middle. Her father is 54-year-old Naimhei, who has also has a son and a daughter. Sazae is married and has a son of her own.

The anime (and manga before that) follows the daily adventures of the family, who all live together.

And now they will haunt our nightmares.

Their faces don’t look human.

These realistic versions are part of an exhibit celebrating the anime’s 50th anniversary, which recently opened in Tokyo.

You know what looks even scarier than the real-world versions?

ImageTwihash” loading=”lazy” > Screenshot: Twihash

The making of the real-world versions.


  • I love it. They look awesome. WAY less unsettling than Kotaku articles with Japanese tweets dispersed through the body of text in order to make it look larger.
    I wann see Simpsons done like this.

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