Six Years Later, Warframe Gets A Big New Intro

Six Years Later, Warframe Gets A Big New Intro

Warframe, a game which was first released in 2013, did not launch with an expensive cinematic intro. Six years later it’s got one, courtesy of director Dan Trachtenberg, who if the name doesn’t ring a bell is movie out of production hell.

Here it is, running for over six minutes:

I’m fascinated by this. We’re well and truly in the age of games never dying/coming back from the dead, from Fortnite to Rainbow Six Siege, but a game getting its fancy cinematic intro six years after release is something else entirely.

It’s not live in the game yet; players will see it turning up either later this year or early in 2020.


  • I saw this last night, it’s an awesome little cinematic.
    Coolest part for me was getting to see visions of the old war which as a central part of the lore is something we hear a lot about but rarely ever see.

    I had a suspicion the girl was going to reveal herself to be an operator but it also reminded me of the Warframe comic run so it was still a neat little surprise

  • I always wanted to check this game out but a few years back I couldn’t even get past the launcher because it kept trying to install DX9 (on a W10 machine… which already has it).

    Wonder if the launcher experience is better these days

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