What Ganon From Breath Of The Wild Might Actually Look Like

After catching a glimpse of Dehydrated Ganon in the trailer for Breath of the Wild’s sequel, artist Nicholas Kole wondered what a hydrated Ganon — as in, a normal bad guy, neither withered corpse nor spectral beast — might look like.

“I paid close attention to the information in the trailer, as well as trying to align him (as the rare Gerudo male) with the iconic in-game look of the Gerudo”, Kole says of his attempt. “I couldn’t help trying my hand at replicating the very specific look the models/shaders have in the game, and I’m pretty excited about the result!”

I love it. He does indeed look one of the game’s Gerudo gone bad, and draws on a lot of Breath of the Wild’s visual signatures, from the power thing on his head to his angular build and jewellery design.

Building on that work, Jordan Knight decided to turn Kole’s illustration into a 3D model, making it look like a statue that’d be worth a lot of money.

While simultaneously looking like a super hot Assassin’s Creed villain.


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