I Hope You Didn't Want To Play World Of Warcraft: Classic Today

world of warcraft classicImage: Kotaku Australia

Remember queuing back in the day to play World of Warcraft? Classic fans sure do, because that's the experience everyone is having today.

It's almost too perfect, really. As Blizzard winds back the clock to 2004 — or 2006 really, given the version of World of Warcraft that's been restored in Classic — players have found themselves with an experience that many had scrubbed from their memories. But when the World of Warcraft: Classic servers went live early this morning, so did the wonderful joy of seeing that "Realm is Full" message.

The most common complaints showed queues of up to an hour and a half, although one poor player was hit with a queue time of 456 minutes:

And if you're Australian ... well, I hope you're patient.

To be fair, at least those last two had better luck than me this morning.



    Must be so many people scratching their heads at Blizzard.

    Saying nobody wants a classic version of WoW.
    Yes We Do.
    Fine we will give them a classic version but nobody will want to play it.
    1 Hour long queues
    Ok but surely people won't be watching it
    Ok then.

    Although i wonder how long the nostalgia feel will last.

      I mean hey old school runescape is bigger than the current version of runescape.

      Don't forget the novelty and hype factor. Numbers in 3-6 months will be the real measurement of whether it's what people want.

        only reason why its so big is because BFA has been so extremely shit. just like WoD. people love to forget that blizzard was closing down Pirate Servers left and right and center from vanilla through to WoD and nobody gave a shit about it until WoD due to the server lack of content at the endgame. Then when legion was current people then didnt give a shit about a classic server outside the very small minority that had been asking for one since TBC was announced.

        Now as i said yesterday, i wont be playing classic, but if other people do, then bully for them i hope they enjoy it, but what will be insteresting is seeing how populated the realms will be in month and how populated they will be if the next expansion is on the level of Legion and not WoD/BFA

      I think your last sentence is the key there. Give it a week, or a month and it'll be interesting to see what the *active* populations are like on those servers.

      I must say though, you don't have to go back as far as vanilla to get that stuck waiting experience. When WoD released it was exactly the same. It took me 3 freakin days to get in and play 0_o

      I feel like it's gonna be a ghost town in not too long. Although I really want it to be a success for the sake of getting legacy servers for other expansions.

        Nost consistently held its population right up until its closure.

    I would have thought they would have actually upgraded the game from back then to actually be playable (hell if they had actually started the original game with the same systems that is currently in main game use that would have been a good idea.) Nobody has the same time or want to play the same as they did 15 years ago.

      You clearly misunderstood what people wanted when they said they want classic wow.

      They want classic wow. Not retail lite.

    Queue update: from 39 minutes to 699 minutes and then down to 37 minutes and up to 307 minutes


      They measure the queue times in Microsoft minutes.

    I haven't been paying too much attention and was actually told by one of my friends this was coming out NEXT WEEK. I thought I had more time to make up my mind about whether I wanted to give classic a go or not :(

      You can still decide next week...the game isn't going anywhere and on the plus side if you join the queue now you'll be able to play it by then.

        Hah! That's actually one of the biggest draws for me ... a finite amount of content and being able to play at my own pace without having any of my apparent progress wiped or diminished periodically.

        I've tried a few times to get back into WoW over the years (stopped playing seriously when Cataclysm came out) but kept losing interest because of the feeling that I'd never catch up with them moving the goal posts all the time, compounded by the fact that I only have a small fraction of the spare time I did back in the days of Vanilla/TBC/WotLK.

    I'm dreading what the queue time will be when we hit peak aussie hours after work...think I might duck out early today. My brother already went home "sick".

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