Community Review: Gears 5

Community Review: Gears 5

Sometimes, enforced breaks come at the best possible time.

I finished the Gears campaign last week but having pre-planned to visit my parents on the weekend to help care for them, I didn’t have any spare time to explore the multiplayer modes. That was a good bit of luck in hindsight, meaning I missed some of the nightmarish Xbox Live issues that stopped players from joining lobbies, preventing progress, and just generally making the game a tad unplayable.

I’d have been rightly pissed if that happened to me while I was working through the campaign. Fortunately, it didn’t. But that still left plenty of time to go over the Gears story.

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I haven’t had a chance to mess around with Horde mode or anything that requires the bizarrely complicated in-game currencies, and I’m curious to know what the experience has been like for those playing on consoles. I saw mention in other threads about some crashes and progression issues, although those two things might not be related. And if you have spent time with the multiplayer so far, or played through the campaign on co-op, how’s the experience been?

For what it’s worth, I enjoyed the campaign — and it’s a stunning looking game, minus some hilariously broken pop-in issues I had during the second act. Don’t know that I’d say it was a standout console exclusive for Xbox or anything, but Gears fans will undoubtedly appreciate the change in tack from Gears 4.

What’s your experience with Gears been like to date?


  • It’s beautiful. And I’m sure it will be a great game to play. But right now the issues are killing the experince.

    Dropping out of a horde game twice on your way to 50 is a pain but manageable on easier levels. But having the game dashboard because it lost online connection during a single player campaign is unforgivable.

    So I’ve parked Gears and gone back to finishing other games while I wait for fixes.

    Maybe my view will change once the issues are sorted.

  • Haven’t been able to play it all – talk about a disasterous launch.

    Tried campaign in co-op – kept getting disconnected.
    Tried multiplayer, takes forever to find a server then keep getting disconnected anyway.
    Tried campaign solo, crashes.

  • Have only played campaign and I’ve almost finished the second Act, visually stunning 4K HDR on Xbox One X and so nice to play the campaign in 60fps. Dolby Atmos for Xbox doesn’t disappoint and possibly the best sounding game I’ve played on Xbox. Twice now I’ve tried to record a gameclip as the game autosaves which leaves me in a limbo where my character won’t move and have to reset the game. Tried coop and had some disconnect issues which could have been Xbox live. Collectible progress didn’t seem to register and I could collect things twice. Had the limbo saving issue mentioned above and loaded back into the game and I couldn’t collect a collectible I had previously grabbed on the way into an area, then I checked my collectibles and nothing I had found in the last 2hrs had saved, I believe The Coalition are aware and working on a fix. The new open areas are ok but feel kind of empty and the side quests kind of seem pointless just filler. To sum it up awesome meaty action but too many slow walking/talking/mindless wandering sections.

  • My wife and I liked to play the horde mode on Gears 4, we were not hardcore players or anything but were looking forward to 5’s horde mode. Sadly its disappointing. On my original XBone the load times are terrible, and the crashes and disconnections are frequent. The irritating black bars on co-op which cut off 25% of the screen real estate are back, and the UI (especially the score menu) is almost unreadable in split screen, and we play on a 100 inch projector!! Horde mode itself plays things pretty conservatively from our casual player perspective, and its disappointing to see how many of Gears 4 maps are reused.

  • completed the game on normal last thrusday on normal. was good, not great but had no crashes or issues playing solo, though my one gripe was the fact that the enemies were way to spongey like it was meant to be RPG or a looter shooter but there was no way to increase the damage of your weapons (jacks upgrades not withstanding)

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