Everything Announced During Today’s Inside Xbox

Everything Announced During Today’s Inside Xbox
Photo: Microsoft

Following Sony’s “State of Play” livestream earlier today, Microsoft jumped in with an Inside Xbox presentation featuring new content and services coming to its platform.

More games are coming to Xbox Game Pass. On Xbox One, Jump Force, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, and Lego Worlds are being added. On PC, Cities: Skylines, Saints Row 4, Bad North, and Dirt Rally 2.0.

The Xbox Game Pass app itself will be updated as well with improvements to the interface. More indie games will also be coming to Game Pass, including Genesis Noir, Lonely Mountains Downhill, and Demon’s Tilt. The rest of the lineup will be shown off in an [email protected] Game Pass video on September 26.

Additionally, Felix the Reaper, a comedy-puzzle game about death, will be available October 17, and will be available on Game Pass that day.

Project xCloud, the service that will let people play Xbox console games on phones, tablets, et cetera via streaming, will have a public preview beginning in October. If you’re in the U.S., the U.K., or Korea, you can apply today. Halo 5 Guardians, Gears 5, Sea of Thieves, and Killer Instinct will be the four games available in the preview. You’ll need a wireless Xbox One controller and an Android phone to try it.

xCloud is a distinct service from what Microsoft calls “console streaming,” aka using your own console to remotely stream games to your device. This, it said, is coming at a later date.

Four new characters and many other updates are coming to Gears 5. (The hosts also reminded players that if they want to unlock Batista as a character in the game, you have to do that before October 28 or the actor-wrestler will go “back in the vault.”)

Atlas, the pirate MMO that released into Early Access on Steam last year, will be arriving on Xbox One on October 8. Content will arrive simultaneously on Xbox and PC as Atlas is updated, making it the “exact same game on both platforms.”

New Xbox One X and Xbox One S hardware bundles will include Forza Horizon 4 and its Lego Speed Champions expansion.

Other trailers and footage shown during the livestream included Children of Morta (out now on PC, October 15 on Xbox One/PlayStation 4), Code Vein (September 27), The Outer Worlds (October 25), Afterparty (October 29), Tropico 6 (September 27), Ghost Recon: Breakpoint (beta this weekend, full game October 4), Hitman 2‘s Haven Island expansion (today), new DLC for Ace Combat 7 (September 25), and the new map for DayZ, called “Livonia” (coming soon).


  • im a massive xbox fan. the X is my console of choice for mutli plat. its better built. the controller is better. the online experience is better.

    but this was fucking terrible. the outer worlds looks like its trying too hard to be funny, but its just not. all other games have no hype, and interest.

    i mean, state of play was bad too, but atleast it had TLOU, even if there was a media event today and we would have gotten all that info anyway.

      • I am also for all of the reasons above + its better backwards compat.

        Like, I like Sony’s exclusives, but man the rest of the PS4 is junk.

      • Hey, it could happen again! I was a fan for several years, in the 360 days (until the PS3 finally caught up on x-platform ports and ratcheted up their quality and quantity of exclusives. But that was late late late in the generation). I grew very attached to my GamerScore. I could see returning to it.

        Just… not in the forseeable future.

        The xbone was a flop from even before it was launched, with its doomed attempt to dictate terms on cool nicknames. It adopted too much of the hideous, unpopular, failed ‘metro’ UI from its mind-numbingly stupid/ignorant/naive ‘PCs/tablets/consoles should all look and feel the same with no consideration towards the strengths and weaknesses of each‘ philosophy (coupled with a godawful greed-driven push toward more front-and-centre advertising intruding on every user experience) it took three new console variants before it could finally beat the PS4 offerings on power/performance (too much to reasonably keep up with, meaning they were last twice and too many can’t afford to buy their third try), and its exclusives have paled embarrassingly in comparison to Sony’s suite of industry-best hits.

        With backwards compatibility promised for the PS5, and the increase of digital purchase uptake, even IF the neXt is capable of beating the PS5, it’s STILl got an uphill battle in front of it.

        • For reference (and because I hate it when people say “XBox Next” or “neXt” or whatever), the next -generation Microsoft console is currently going by the codename of “Project Scarlett”.

          The more you know!

          • I’m calling it that for similar reason as I call the current crop the ‘bone’. Microsoft were being that kid who insists that they should be called by this cool nickname they’ve picked for themselves, when that’s not how nicknames work.
            (“It should be called, ‘The One’ for short.” Wankers.)

    • obviously just squeezing the last bit of juice out of this console generation for the holiday season before the new consoles arrive next year…

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