Hey Google, Please Turn On Xbox

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You can finally enjoy peak laziness with your Xbox, with Microsoft announcing the beta release of Google Assistant voice controls for the Xbox One.

While Xbox owners could already get Alexa to turn the console on and start recording their gameplay, Google Home users were left out in the cold. The announcement means Google Assistant can now match Alexa in doing all the menial tasks you might require it to do.

Right now, it's only available in English but you'll be able to use it through any Google Home devices or the iOS and Android apps available on your phone.

Some of the prompts you can use include:

  • “Hey Google, play Gears 5 on Xbox.”
  • “Hey Google, turn on Xbox.”
  • “Hey Google, turn off Xbox.”
  • “Hey Google, launch YouTube on Xbox.”
  • “Hey Google, pause on Xbox.”
  • “Hey Google, resume on Xbox.”
  • “Hey Google, volume up on Xbox.”
  • “Hey Google, take a screenshot on Xbox.”

How do I get Google to turn my Xbox on?

To get it set up, you'll need to first head to the beta release and sign yourself up. Make sure you're signed into your Xbox and then open the Google Home app on your phone and add the Xbox as a device. You'll need to sign in again on through the Home app and then follow the prompts until you're all connected.

Starting up games will now be button-less, you're welcome.

Alexa, Start My Xbox One Games

If you've ever had a burning question, our trusty AI assistants and future overlords, Alexa and Google Assistant, have mostly had us covered. Sometimes their interpretation of your embarrassing queries might be a little sketchy but for the most part, they can handily Shazam that song, remind you to take the pasta off the boil and remove the stress of shopping lists. But, until now, there's one thing Alexa definitely couldn't do and that was turn on your Xbox.

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    Every time I see a photo of the controller, I feel like they have pixellated the D-Pad to protect its identity.

    Apparently it's been long enough that everyone forgot that Microsoft already did this with the Kinect at launch and how everyone kicked up a fuss over privacy in the face of a device that was always listening.

    That's ok, it's your old pal Google this time and there certainly haven't been any articles recently about voice recordings being leaked by them. Your conversations are just between you, me, and the bunch of guys listening behind the shed.

      I actually liked the Kinect, the QR codes where handy as hell and the voice recognition actually recognised the accent.

      MS also has contractors listening to Cortana recordings. Same deal. So once you get over the whole personal data thing, only thing that changes from the default, is that people actually want Alexa and Google Assistant, not Cortana.

    My one and only regret after upgrading from the original XBone to the X was the loss of the Kinect. I loved the voice controls and have been waiting ever since for Google to add support, so this does make me very happy.

    Now, if only it didn't have to verbally confirm every single command at roughly 2/3 the volume of a jet engine at take off speed.

    Last edited 01/10/19 3:48 pm

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