Yesterday's game was, as Tigerion guessed first, specifically from the box cover for Yoshi's Island. Great game, and absolute bang on drawing from Vanna. She's back with another drawing today — see how you all go!

Good luck!


    Bubble Bobble?

    Seems a bit easy so it's prob one of the offshoots.

      I’m gonna say Bubble Bobble Junior, due to the singular tooth in the scribble.

        Actually looks like Bub is always stylised with one tooth, so maybe not.

    Bubble Bobble or Puzzle Bobble.

    Incidentally, I still contend Bub and Bob should be put into Super Smash Brothers...

      Commenting so that when they actually get announced as DLC fighters similar to Nana and Popo I can congratulate you and sign up for your prediction services.

    Just to piggy back off everyone else, i'm going with Bubble Bobble Part 2

    Bust-a-Move (Puzzle Bobble)

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