Tom Hanks Pro Skater Has Come Full Circle

Tom Hanks Pro Skater Has Come Full Circle
Image: Twitter/TonyHawk

Tom Hanks and Tony Hawk don’t usually cross paths but when they do, it’s where dreams turn into reality, almost.

The skateboarding champion tweeted out what seemed, on first glance, to be a totally normal PS3 cover of one of Pro Skater titles. Until you saw it.

Tom Hanks’ mug, safely protected by a BMX helmet, was plastered on the cover with tiny Tom Hanks’ doing some pretty radical moves. It was a mockup made by Adam Mathew for the Australian PlayStation Official Magazine years ago, but IGN’s local games editor saw that, after all these years, Mathew’s creation has gone full circle.

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Sadly, this means I’ll probably never be able to launch Tom Hanks into the air to perform a 360 Shove It and Benihana combo. But if someone ever has the time to make the world’s best skateboarding mod, please keep me abreast of the situation.

Tony Hawk has admitted he’s seen it so now the the skateboard’s in your halfpipe, Tom.

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