The Wasteland-Like RPG That’s Set In Australia

Imagine an oldschool Fallout or Wasteland-type scenario with XCOM-like combat, and the whole game is set in Australia.

That’s the initial impression I got from Broken Roads, a debut game from a studio in Victoria’s Torquay. It’s a classic RPG that’s aiming for release in April 2021 across PC, all consoles and mobiles, with a hook that revolves around the philosophical approach of the player character.

As you play through, your questing choices and dialogue options will affect your philosophy, which in turn feeds back into the choices you can make in the things you do and say.

Companions, a broken wasteland, turn-based combat personality-based choices that remind me of Fallout and classic computer RPGs, and Aussie accents that haven’t gone all Crocodile Dundee to appeal to Americans. Coming along nicely, as far as I can see. The developers will be showing off their progress this week at PAX Australia at booth PR01.


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