Don’t Expect Dragon Age 4 Until 2022 Sometime

Don’t Expect Dragon Age 4 Until 2022 Sometime

The cancellation of NBA Live again wasn’t the only sad nugget in EA’s latest earnings call overnight. There was also a snippet about Dragon Age 4, namely that we shouldn’t expect to hear anything about it for quite a while.

Towards the end of the company’s earnings call, an analyst asked EA’s board for guidance on what Bioware was doing over the next couple of years and their pipeline post-Anthem. EA’s chief operating officer and chief financial officer, Blake Jorgensen, said Dragon Age 4 “probably comes after fiscal 2022”, but stressed that EA doesn’t usually give multi-year guidance on future games in development, for obvious reasons.

Once Again, EA Cancels Its NBA Game

EA Sports’ NBA Live 20, which had the honour of being officially delayed before it was even officially announced, has now been cancelled. It’s the fourth time in ten years that EA has not released an annual entry in its flagship basketball game on a home console.

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It’s worth noting that EA operates on the US fiscal year here, so fiscal 2022 refers to the period between April 1, 2021 and March 31, 2022.

As an added bonus, they dropped a nice figure about The Old Republic. The game is on the verge of cracking $US1 billion in revenue to date from Bioware’s ongoing MMO, which everyone seems to forget. The next Battlefield also wouldn’t launch until fiscal 2022, primarily because EA was concerned that the install base of the new consoles wouldn’t be high enough if the game launched sometime in 2020-2021.

Other notes from the earning call worth noting included:

  • The Old Republic, Bioware’s ongoing MMO, is about to crack $US1 billion in revenue to date;
  • Another Star Wars game may be released in fiscal 2022, potentially beforehand;
  • Medal of Honor VR is still in development, but not due until fiscal 2021;
  • Star Wars: Battlefront 1 and 2 have sold more than 33 million units combined;
  • Current expectations for Jedi: Fallen Order is around 6 to 8 million units;
  • Titanfall 3 “could be a separate title in the future” but EA wants to keep Respawn “hyper-focused” on Apex Legends.

Work is also ongoing with a partner to port Apex Legends to mobiles, although that’s not liable to pop up until next year when EA can get the game approved in China as well.


  • Uh… any mention of Anthem at all? Are they still going to fix it? Or is this being kept out back to get a bolt-gun to the brain like Andromeda?

  • I’m sure most BW fans would want DA4 take as long as necessary given how Anthem turned out

    mind you assuming BW will produce a quality product just because it took 10 years to make probably got blasted apart given how Anthem turned out

    • And yet despite Anthem using almost every resource Bioware had and still turning in a dog’s breakfast, having a game in development longer by Bioware is no longer any form of assurance that the game will be any good, let alone be a game of quality as Andromeda and Anthem both proved. Bioware is dead, EAWare dances on its grave.

  • Note that there isn’t a fixed fiscal year for US businesses: each can choose whatever is most convenient to them provided they stick to it. Just because EA starts their’s in April doesn’t imply that other US businesses do. It’s one of the reasons you don’t see the same end of financial year sales as in Australia.

  • “The Old Republic. The game is on the verge of cracking $US1 billion in revenue to date from Bioware’s ongoing MMO” – Considering SWTOR came out in 2011, is this bit of news something to brag about? How long did other MMO’s take to do that? Anyone know?

    • Err, a billion dollars is a lot of money. Not every MMO can be World of Warcraft. Whose to say other western MMO’s *have* broken a billion dollars anyway?

      Also bear in mind that SWTOR is a combination of a free-2-play/subscription model and it’s pretty impressive imo, especially given that people still think that the game is dying.

  • And don’t expect a Mass Effect remaster or even another game ever, it’s unfortunate but I have finally accepted reality my favourite franchise is dead.

    • Yup, I accepted this after ME3 when they made such stupid decisions like not letting you play alongside all the companions from ME2, while giving you new shit companions like the god awful James Vega & Diana Allers (voiced by Freddie Prinze Jr pretending to be Mexican & Jessica Chobot who both have no business doing voice work) or no longer having the amazing Jack Wall making Mass Effect music. Andromeda was just an exclamation mark on the end of me accepting the franchise was dead.

      • I thought Andromeda was better than ME3 mainly becuase ME3 was the end of the trilogy and such a let down whereas Andromeda even full of bugs and the combat/class revamp I personally disliked, it had so much potential.

        The Quarian ark, the main protagonists mother being in cryo and the mysterious benefactor left me hanging for more.

        Unfortunately a combination of the
        “B team” and a gross unfamiliarity with the games engine they were coerced into using hurt the game too such an extent any hopes of a sequel were dashed.

  • I think they’ll continue to let Anthem go for a while. For a couple of reasons; 1 is that it was commercially pretty successful even if critically it wasn’t. 2) it allows Bioware to spin its wheels/justify their existence (especially if they pull it back), and 3) I can’t imagine there’s too much in the way of added costs to keep Anthem running.

    Assuming that they aren’t going to immediately shutter Bioware within the next 6 months, then they have to pay those artists/programmers etc anyway. Even if they no longer expect to keep to their 10 year (bs) plan, they at least budgeted somewhere along the way for server costs etc. My point being is that the expenditure they’ve made/planned for must be seeing some ROI at least.

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