Players Have Already Found Lethal Combos For Kill La Kill: IF’s Newest Character

Wednesday, Arc System Works released the latest patch for Kill la Kill: IF, the 3D arena fighting game they developed with fellow Japanese studio A+ Games. The update includes a brand new character, for which players are already finding massively damaging combos.

The new character is named Ultimate Double Naked DTR — known as just DTR or Nudist Beach in game. It’s a gigantic battle mech piloted by two members of Kill la Kill’s nudist resistance force, which, as someone with very basic knowledge of the anime on which the game is based, seems very on brand.

Although DTR has the second-lowest health in the game, it’s a glass cannon capable of dealing damage on a massive scale and killing much of the cast, as evidenced by some of the videos players are already sharing on social media.

The most notable DTR video shows a simple loop that’s capable of killing every character in Kill la Kill: IF. In the demonstration below, Japanese player Abe shows how DTR is able to inflict just under 20,000 damage on the opponent, more than enough to defeat even the beefier characters in the game. By looping just two attacks — the first to deal damage and the second to lift the opponent off the ground afterwards — Abe shows that DTR can control the fight after landing just a single hit.

It’s not entirely clear if this combo can continue indefinitely, leaving the player being attacked with nothing to do but pray the opponent’s execution falters and they drop the combo before deleting the entire health bar, but as the Kill la Kill fighting game has had its fair share of infinite and touch-of-death combos in the past, it isn’t a stretch to imagine.

There’s also the possibility that the defending character has a burst available, meaning they can escape dangerous combos before they take too much damage. That said, the possibility of matches devolving into one-sided slugfests hasn’t kept the game from developing a thriving competitive community, most recently at last weekend’s CEOtaku fighting game tournament.

The latest Kill la Kill: IF patch is now available for the PlayStation 4 and PC versions of the game. DTR and the update’s various balance changes are scheduled to arrive on Nintendo Switch in November.


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