These Are My Settings For Every Video Game

I started playing a new video game yesterday: Ghost Recon Breakpoint. But It might as well have been any other console game, in terms of how I set up the settings.

Brightness? I’m going to make sure that symbol is pretty visible. After all, who knows what “barely visible” even means. It’s all relative. I never go darker than the default. Let me tell you something personal, everyone: sometimes I even make it a little brighter.

Subtitles? I’ll turn them on and make them as big as possible. I’m old. Also, my couch is kind of far away from the TV, and by far away I mean five feet away as opposed to pressed up to my face.

Would I like a boost in framerate or resolution? Framerate, of course. At least, I think that’s the choice they were offering.

Heads up display? Big! Big as can be! Yes, yes, I know some people are all about their no-HUD runs. Maybe they’re young, or they play games while sitting close enough that their breath can fog their monitor. I’m playing on the other side of a rug, folks.

Invert Y? Of course! I know, this is where I lose half the readers. No judgment here.

Oh, and “Night Mode”? No idea. That’s a new one to me.


    Ha I know the feeling. For me it's always:

    Music volume: 30-60%
    Voices: 100%
    Y axis: inverted
    Subtitles: off
    Minimal/hud: minimal

    Always the first thing I do when booting up a new game.

    Of the hundreds of games that have a brightness prompt, I could prob count on one hand how many actually needed to be adjusted.
    Maybe it's luck, maybe it's just the TV's, who knows.

    Always invert Y, airplane controls for life!

      Yeah too bad they only implemented half of that invert. Hopefully they got there post beta.

        Half the invert?

          Yeah. No option to invert the drones (ruins my brain going back and forth), and inverting the helo makes it go backward when you push the stick.
          They only got half way to something that seems like it should have been done a long time ago.

          Oh sorry, context: author was playing Breakpoint :D

            I get ya, it sucks when they don't extend control options across the board

      Yeah, if your TV/monitor is anywhere near properly calibrated then the default should be just fine. If you regularly have to boost the brightness in game settings you should probably just be adjusting your monitor.

    I loved how the Xbox 360 remembered your settings and set up each game the way you like.

    My settings are:

    Borderless window. The fake full screen, if you want. It allows me to respond to out of game things on my computer, etc, during a gaming session.

    Reverse Y. I do not know why, but I cannot play without reverse Y. To the point where I actually was unable to play a game a few years ago because it lacked Reverse Y.

    Depending on the game, but I usually increase my FoV to 90 or 100, increase mouse sensitivity, and I may even set a framerate limiter.

    The last one may get some people, but my graphics card only has 2GB of vRam. Yeah, it's badly in need of an upgrade. So I limit the framerate to 30FPS in the games - like Farcry 5 - that support it.

    30 FPS is actually perfectly playable, so I have no problem limiting my framerate to that. But turning down the framerate increases performance.

    Do you Y-axis-inverters also invert your X axis?

    I never turn brightness down anymore. I did for a time, setting it up as "intended" but got sick of not being able to see anything...some games want their lighting way too dark and moody. So I either leave it as is or turn up the brightness a couple notches.

    Two things I hope next generation consoles standardise:

    The "Invert Y" lottery - for some games, inverted is what other games would call normal and vice versa

    Location of the subtitle options - this is a game itself sometimes. Is it in the sound options? Maybe try gameplay! What about the graphics options? It's a mystery!

    Would I like a boost in framerate or resolution?

    Yeah that's not what that setting you have pictured does.
    Framerate is the same or similar on both modes.
    Graphic fidelity focuses on things like shadows, reflections, etc and keeps the resolution at 1080.
    And Resolution enables 4K at the expense of those bells and whistles.

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