GTA Online Players Are Having Fun As Animals

Grand Theft Auto Online has become a much stranger place since its latest update. The new update added peyote plants, which are found in the singleplayer mode of GTA V; eating these plants transforms the player into a random animal. From birds to dogs, to even Bigfoot, players are now getting up to all sorts of wildlife shenanigans.

The streets of Los Santos are no place for animals. One player brought a cow inside a convenience store. Another player went to a nightclub as a large deer. A player-controlled dog pretended to be a pet in a clothing store. Two other players went around cosplaying as Shaggy and Scooby.

Someone entered the casino patio as a bird and sat on one of the chairs, which created a terrifying glitch.

Players have found other bugs related to animals trying to act like people. Another bug that players are sharing involves using mounted telescopes as animals, which twist and contort characters into a strange animal pretzel.

Something even worse happens if you try to eat a peyote plant as an animal.

Normally, when playing as an animal, you can’t use weapons or throw grenades. But GTA Online players are always quick to find new ways to break nearly every part of the game, and these animal transformations are no different. Some have found ways to use guns as animals. Others are using an older bug involving the RC car to give animals the ability to throw sticky bombs and grenades.

But not all GTA Online players are using these new animals for evil. Some players are just happy to hang out with friends while living life as a dog or a rabbit. Players are sharing photos and images of them and their friends just chilling as animals across social media.

Some players are even going on journeys as animals, using pickup trucks and other vehicles. The dog player or players jump in the bed of the pickup, with the help of a hill to give them a ramp into the back of the truck.

Standing in the back of these trucks can be tricky for some dogs, as one poor pug learned when they jumped in the back of an El Camino and fell over once the driver started moving.

Players can also become Bigfoot, who is different from other animals. For starters, actually becoming Bigfoot is much harder: Players have to go to the top of Mount Chiliad and eat a specific plant found there when the weather is foggy during a certain time window on the in-game clock.

As Bigfoot, players can use their super-strong punches and kicks to injure others and even fling vehicles. Of course, some players decide to live a quiet life as Bigfoot, like one who took over a local store and pretended to be the cashier. But if you want you can also grab a gun and start shooting people as Bigfoot, because, unlike the other creature transformations, Bigfoot can use weapons.

I love this addition to GTA Online. So often GTA Online updates are packed with new guns, missions or fancy cars. It’s nice to get an update that just adds a silly feature to the game. You can now soar around GTA Online as a hawk, which sounds peaceful.

Of course, this is still GTA Online: When I played as a bunny last time, I was chased by a player carrying a shotgun. They eventually caught and killed me, a poor little bunny. It seems Rockstar can’t change GTA Online, even if they give players a way to change themselves.

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