Pokémon Queen Shoko Nakagawa Helped Do Animation For Last Sun & Moon Episode

Gif: Nintendo Game Freak TV Tokyo

Shoko Nakagawa’s connection to Pokémon runs deep. She’s hosted several of the variety shows, including Pokénchi, which currently airs in Japan. She has done Pokémon commercials and press conferences, she’s sung Pokémon anime theme songs, and she’s even voiced characters. Now, she’s doing animation.

If you are keeping score, Nakagawa started hosting variety show Pokémon Sunday in 2006, before going on to hosting Pokémon Smash, Pokémon Get TV, and Pokénichi. She has voiced characters in all the Pokémon animated feature films since 2007, including major characters. Besides singing the Pokémon Sunday theme, she also sang songs for Pokémon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life and the Pokémon XY anime. Now, add “animator” to her resume.

Nakagawa is a skilled artist, so considering all the Poké things she’s done, this seems inevitable. Below are the frames that she illustrated as well as how they will appear in the last Pokémon Sun & Moon episode.

I cannot think of any celebrity who has been more involved with Pokémon than Nakagawa. 


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