Death Stranding Update Will Let Players Delete Marooned Cars

Death Stranding Update Will Let Players Delete Marooned Cars

Death Stranding requires players to build massive systems of roads and drive bouncy, buckling cars in order to make deliveries and rebuild America. Bridges and some structures can be deleted, but if a car gets stuck in rocky terrains or if a player leaves it in the middle of a path (either by accident or to be a troll), other players can’t remove the obstruction. A new patch will fix this, allowing players to scrap cars and clean up their game worlds.

Most of Death Stranding’s huge map is traversed by foot. Players can drop items like ladders to help them climb or make intricate zipline systems to scale mountains. These structures appear in other people’s games, mostly helping them but sometimes screwing them over. It’s not uncommon for a cheeky zipline to stop right above a cliffside drop, damaging players who mistakenly ride it, as well as any of their parcels that fall down on the dismount. Players can delete those structures from their instance of the world. But Death Stranding also offers vehicles, from smaller futuristic motorcycles to huge trucks, which can haul tons of cargo. The world is also packed with tricky rock formations and sudden cliffs. Vehicles often get stuck, and if tons of players’ vehicles are gathered in one place, it becomes near impossible to move through certain paths.

Thankfully, Kojima Productions announced last week that a patch would allow players to clear out these wrecked cars. “We are working on another update to address the most common requests from players such as the ability to increase text size or dispose of individual vehicles,” a tweet said, addressing two huge player concerns.

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Lacking the ability to do so from the start was a strange oversight for a game that’s ultimately about building up the wasteland and leaving items for other players. Not all structures or vehicle spawns are created equal, after all. In some cases, as indicated on social sites like Reddit, players were using vehicles to intentionally block paths. This update should help players deal with any trouble they find on their journeys. Even if it won’t help them balance all of their baggage. Emotional or literal.


  • If you’ve travelled to a zipline with a spicy dismount on oneside, panning the camera around to face a safer area to disembark will usually avoid a tumble.

  • I get why it could be annoying but one of the moments at which I felt most profoundly (and hilariously) connected to another player was when I accidentally drove off a cliff and landed my truck in the crevice where the cosplayer lives only to find someone else had made the same fatal error that I had so now there was two trucks stuck down there (complete with a ladder previously placed to help people get out from the truck pile).

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