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Update Your GPU Drivers For Death Stranding For God’s Sake

The PC version of Death Stranding is out, and as our own Mike Fahey reported, it runs like a dream. This is true, provided you’re not a dumbass like me and forget to install the latest Game Ready Drivers for your Nvidia card. I didn’t do that, and the above…

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Death Stranding On PC Is Absolutely The Game’s Best Version

If you’ve been waiting for Death Stranding to hit the PC, you’re definitely getting the best version of the game. Not only does it absolutely fly on most PCs, but it also looks way, way better. We’ve written about how well Death Stranding runs before, but what we couldn’t reveal at the time was…

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This Week In Games: Paper Mario’s Ghost Of Kojima

This week in games is chockers: There’s Norman Reedus falling down a hill at super-high frame rates, some vibrant, Edo-era samurai action, and the excellent-looking Paper Mario: The Origami King. Death Stranding is the obvious standout for the week, with Hideo Kojima’s Australia Post adventure finally making it over to PC. I…