Here’s Fallout 4 In Dreams

Here’s Fallout 4 In Dreams

If someone ever asks you to explain what exactly the Dreams experience is like, at least now you can say it’s the game where someone remade Fallout 4 in it.

Obviously, it’s not a full remake of the game, although the amount of detail in there is super impressive already. There’s a work-in-progress free roam mode with 6 quests, weapon handling, some wonderfully appropriate music, and enough blocky details to really remind you of Boston.

The Pip-Boy is recreated beautifully, and even the weapon handling seems pretty functional. There’s no advanced recoil and no V.A.T.S. system, but it’s hard not to be impressed by Fallout 4: Dreams Edition (WIP) so far.

It’s actually insane how much detail creator Robo_Killer_v2 included. It’s easily one of the best creations to date, and should be fascinating to watch as it gets developed further and further. Whatever the limit is for a single upload in Dreams, Fallout 4 will certainly test it.

Someone Accurately Recreated Red Dead Online In Dreams

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      I’m not sure if the developers read the articles but if you do heed this… this is the sort of shit that pushes people onto ad blockers.

      • Thanks for the tip, I’ll try it at home. Work has blocked addons unfortunately.
        It is a shame as I do want to support the site.

        • So do I but when an article has, a pop down auto play advert, a middle article auto play advert and/or a banner ad at the bottom it’s not hard to see why adblocking is preferable.

          • Damn right, brother. I read on a tablet and it’s ads down each side. Then i go to hit mute on the unwanted vid and the whole page lurches to one side, often taking me to a whole new page. I love this site, the peeps working here and the community… but i think I’m done here. I understand ads are needed for revenue, but it’s so damn intrusive to the article, especially the volume on the vids. If I have to scurry to mute that shit EVERY DAMN PAGE to be courteous on public transport, I think I’m headed back to Destructoid or something. Don’t want to leave, but fuck this shit. Gonna miss you bro, many others too.

      • Thanks for that.
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        I might just block “brightcove” and allow everything else if I can work out the rules.

    • Yep, every article has some non-related video stream now. It’s super annoying. Makes me want to avoid the site, sadly. Bad move, Kotaku 🙁

      • If it was a new, current stream it might be acceptable – or at least more acceptable – but it’s been the same lame Overcooked stream for weeks. Often with the same completely irrelevant God of War boss fight in the bottom right.

  • I wonder what the copyright status of a recreation of another game in Dreams is, given that Sony claims ownership of anything created in the program?

    • Basically the entire thing is a C&D waiting to happen. Neither Sony nor the project author can claim ownership of anything Fallout related as Bethesda/Zenimax own the IP. Probably find the project is a Dreams ToU or EULA violation too as Sony would have had to have put that in there to protect themselves.

    • They are pretty much using the same policy as they did with the Little Big Planet games.
      They don’t give permissions, promotion or the platform for creators to use existing IP’s and actively remove “published” content so they aren’t breaking any laws.

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