Pokémon Home App Includes Bonus, Uh, Gif

Pokémon Home App Includes Bonus, Uh, Gif

The Pokémon Home app that’s now out has a little surprise tucked away inside its files (at least on Android): this very good gif.

If you open up the app’s APK, there’s a folder for gifs, which includes five Pikachu animations related to the program, and one that’s not.


Originally made by nippori way back in 2014 (and itself based on this vid), who knows why it’s in there. Maybe it was dropped in as a test to see if gifs were working in the app. Or maybe, and this is what I’d like to believe, it’s a wink at those who obsessively comb through the data of every little thing Nintendo ever releases”like these guys“looking for clues.


  • If it’s the image that in the header… that’s some terrifying MEIKO and Rin vocaloid cosplay.

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