Aussie Mic Makers RODE Are Targeting Gamers Now

Aussie Mic Makers RODE Are Targeting Gamers Now
Image: Rode

If you’re into streaming or podcasting, and or need some gear to get started, there’s plenty of options out there. Most of them, however, aren’t Australian made – which is why it’s nice to see local firm RODE finally target gamers with a super competitive mic.

The new offering is called the NT-USB, a tiny rectangular-looking mic that attaches magnetically into a 360-degree swing mount. It’s a directional cardioid mic, which is ideal for podcasting, streaming or interviews, and comes with an in-built pop filter so you don’t have to buy an extra accessory.

The whole unit is pretty small, and comes with a USB-C plug and 3.5mm jack for monitoring on the back, plus a gain nob on the front. The whole unit can be detached from the desk stand if you want to plug it into a mic arm.

What’s handy here is that the whole mic retails for $149 – it’s a lot more expensive at traditional retailers, so get them from the same place you’d buy PC gear – which makes the NT-USB cheaper than the Blue Yeti that’s been floating around for years. (It’s also way cheaper than the Blue Yeti X, which is selling for $289 at the time of writing.)

I’ve got a Yeti X and the NT-USB Mini, and I’ll have a writeup on them both next week. It’s a good time to stream some video games! More details about the NT-USB Mini can be found on the official website.


  • I’ve got a VideoMic Pro for my camera and it’s a fantastic mic, so I’d expect this to be pretty decent.

    I also have a Blue Yeti for my PC, and that’s been fantastic as well, especially when it’s setup with the Radius and Compass accessories.

  • Probably a slightly different realm, albeit I’m using it for gaming purposes. I recently purchased a ModMic Wireless and I’m loving it. I’ve paired it with a wireless Bluetooth headset with APTX-Low Latency.

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