The Command & Conquer Remastered Collection Looks Great

The Command & Conquer Remastered Collection Looks Great

There’s no Red Alert 2, but knowing that people will be digging through C&C, Red Alert 1, the expansions for both, and even the ability to play missions from the console versions of the classic RTS, is a little heartwarming.

EA lifted the official release date on the Command & Conquer Remaster this morning with a decent three-plus minute trailer. It’s a solid recap of all the work that Petroglyph and Lemon Sky Studios has done, from touchups on the UI, multiplayer lobbies, an expanded jukebox music player, observer modes, unit queuing, improved textures, sharpened cinematics, and more.

Some of those features, of course, have been part and parcel of OpenRA for ages. But the graphical overhaul looks really well done, offering clarity without sacrificing the original feel of the C&C games. There’s a range of accessibility options and plenty of scope for rebinding keys; everything’s been really well thought out.

Command & Conquer Remastered Collection will launch internationally on June 5, just before E3 2020 is scheduled to kick off. If that’s still happening.

EA Went Digging Through Old 90s Tapes Trying To Remaster Command & Conquer's Cutscenes

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  • This is an interesting contrast to the Warcraft 3 remaster. Do you see anything where they made the new game worse than the original?

    • Its EA. Will wait to see what the release and reviews say at the e nd of the day.

      They tried to turn C&C into a terrible mobile game and expected everyone at E3 to cheer!

      • I’ll definitely be getting my hands on this and I’ll report back.

        (Hell, with E3 off the table and Computex liable to go the same way, it’ll be a much quieter week!)

  • I know OpenRA might technically be a better experience but hubba hubba gimme dat Red Alert on modern computers with higher fidelity graphics.
    The sounds better be the same though – they’re iconic at this point!

    • They got Frank Klepacki(sp?) back to remaster the music from CNC. He was the guys behind the original stuff and did that awesome CnC set with his band the Tiberian Suns. They even got the original voice actor back for EVA.

      If you scope out the CnC Reddit, you will be able to see mostly monthly updates from the lead producer Jimtern of the project. The tansparency from this project to the community has been something I personally have never seen before. Some of the community leaders such as Nyerguds from CnC net have been on board and working with them too.

      I have been skeptical of EA for a long time but with regards to this project I really feel that this might be a start for EA to regain our trust a little. (sort of like Jedi fallen order) No microtransactions at all on this game guaranteed.

  • Who would have thought I need a new computer in 2020 just to play C&C since my almost 8 year old PC doesn’t even meet recommended specs lol

      • If this sells well enough I would be really surprised if we don’t see a TS and RA2 bundle in the same vein.

        • I feel like if we see more remasters, it will be RA2 next before they even glance at the rest.

          As much as I don’t want to say it as I know it’s EA… But I’d pay full price in a heartbeat for a RA2 remaster that ran properly on current hardware.

  • Never thought I’d see the day I’d be this excited about a C&C property again after their mobile game destroyed my hopes 🙂

    Please let this be a testing grounds for a C&C game in future…

    • It is just a tiny bit fucked that the only C&C property we’ve had to get excited about in over a decade is a remaster of the original two.

      I was incredibly disappointed when they cancelled Generals 2… Sort of hoping they’ll actually go through and end up remastering Generals 1 also, but I doubt it.

  • “There’s no Red Alert 2, but knowing that people will be digging through C&C, Tiberian Sun, the expansions, and even the ability to play missions from the console versions of the game, is a little heartwarming.”

    No, no they won’t.

    Tiberian Dawn and TIberian Sun are two completely different games. Tiberian Dawn didn’t even really exist until there felt a need to differentiate between C&C and Tiberian Sun, and so TIberian Dawn was chosen, to go along with the “Dawn, Sun, Twilight” Trilogy idea.

    It’s consinstently glaring and obvious errors like these that are giving me pause about Kotaku, and any kind of proofreading or editing requirements, instead of “get that article out there for those clicks!”

      • Thank you kindly

        Edit: I just reread your statement and I believe it should say “through C&C, Red Alert….”

        C&C = Tib Dawn, so saying C&C, Tiberian Dawn is superfluous, whereas I assume C&C is used to mean Red Alert?

  • Looks good! I love the idea of being able to toggle between legacy and remastered graphics at any time. That feature was excellent in the wonder boy remake for the switch. A small feature but great for nostalgia purposes.

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