GameStop Shuts Down Stores In California

GameStop Shuts Down Stores In California
Photo: Spencer Platt, Getty Images

GameStop is shutting down its stores in California, Kotaku has learned. This news comes one day after the struggling retailer told all of its U.S. employees to ignore state lockdown measures in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, insisting that it was an “essential retail” business.

The video game retailer has come under fire in recent days for its handling of the pandemic, as it has been slow to enforce recommended social distancing practices and unable to provide proper cleaning supplies to employees.


  • I get that everyone is freaking out, but in the absence of a sale I rarely see more than 3-4 people in an EB games at any one time and in our current climate foot traffic is way down from that again.

    I can’t imagine that any of the company’s casual employees will be thrilled to hear that they no longer have shifts, and their permenant employees won’t be collecting a cheque for too long just sitting around at home either.

    A good chunk of one’s time in retail is cleaning glass, dusting, etc. anyhow. Surely between a good supply of hand sanitiser, a basic cleaning regime, discouraging the use of cash, and talking to customers from behind the counter, staff could both continue to pay their rent and also minimise their risk of infection.

    It’s very easy to argue that everyone should stay locked in their rooms at home when you’re not the one who has to go for six months or more without an income.

  • Income or the lives of your family around you.
    Are you truly ok putting everyone at a potential %3 risk of death? keep in mind older people and those with health issues have a hugely increased chance of death.
    ALSO keep in mind the healthcare system in some places like the USA suck the big one, so that’s a further risk.

    EB are breeding grounds for germs as everyone touches everything. If you can’t afford rent or food because your not working, then perhaps its better to deal why everything is skating on thin ice NOW and not when the next pandemic hits with a 10% or higher deathrate!

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