How’s It Going?: Music Edition

How’s It Going?: Music Edition
The Proclaimers (Screenshot: <a href="">YouTube</a>)

Good morning! Welcome back to our daily thread, which is hopefully more comforting/less maddening than staring at your Facebook feed.

With the bar under my house closed, it’s really quiet in my apartment. I’ve taken to playing some music while I sleep, mostly classical. Why does Spotify have so many classical playlists for babies? Is it weird for an adult to listen to the “Classical for Babies” playlist? I was also feeling pretty freaked out yesterday and tried to have a solo dance party to The Proclaimers’ “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles),” but I immediately remembered I hate to dance and just sort of stood in the middle of my apartment nodding at my phone.

Speaking of The Proclaimers, here’s a moment of Zen for you:

Are you listening to anything good? How’s it going?


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