A Video Game Halloween Costume Is Not Appropriate Covid-19 Protection

A Video Game Halloween Costume Is Not Appropriate Covid-19 Protection
Photo: <a href="https://www.partycity.com/child-inflatable-bubble-suit-costume---astroneer-P842610.html">Party City</a>

Halloween costumes always seem like such a rip-off. They’re really only appropriate for one day out of the year and kids usually grow too fast to use them again before the next Halloween rolls around. I don’t blame anyone for trying to find a way to repurpose a costume that would otherwise be gathering dust in some hallway closet, but maybe “covid-19 prevention” isn’t the best option.

In a video shared on Twitter, a woman and what appear to be her two children can be seen checking out at Walmart. Everything seems normal, except for the fact that the kids are wearing inflatable suits from the video game Astroneer, supposedly to protect them from the pandemic currently spreading across the globe. Since being posted yesterday afternoon, the video has accrued 1.7 million views and over 8,000 retweets.

Whomever runs the official Astroneer account on Twitter made two jokes in response to the video before eventually realising that probably wasn’t the best decision and releasing a more serious statement about using their costumes to avoid covid-19 infection.

“Do not do this as a replacement for proper distancing practices,” the warning reads. “These costumes have fans in them to simulate Bubble Suit’s plump appearance, but that means they are circulating air from the exterior into the costume.”

Look, I get it. Times are scary. It feels like information on covid-19 prevention changes every day. Folks are just trying to get through the day without themselves or their families catching a life-threatening disease. But please, let’s skip the Halloween costumes and instead focus on proven prevention methods like wearing masks that are actually protective and frequently washing our hands. It’s just that simple.


  • Probably not any less effective than the perspex screens everyone now has around checkouts and suchlike.

    Sure, it’s not an actual space suit, but presumably it would provide some protection if someone happened to cough directly into your face, which is pretty much all perspex screens are doing.

    Also, they look fairly effective at enhancing social distancing.

  • Gaffa tape an A2 filter cartridge over the fan intakes and this could work quite well.

    However as it is positive pressure, it only protects the wearer. If they are infected it will be spreading it everywhere.

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