Elijah Wood Visits Girl’s Animal Crossing Island, Has Beautiful Manners

Elijah Wood Visits Girl’s Animal Crossing Island, Has Beautiful Manners

The story here is not that celebrities play Animal Crossing, and visit other player’s islands. They do it all the time, you just probably don’t realise it’s them. No, this story is about Elijah Wood’s impeccable Animal Crossing manners, and how he should serve as an example to all island travellers.

Earlier today, as EW report, 23 year-old Jessica Kovalick put out a call, as we all do, for turnip-selling visitors:

This generally results in two things happening: some of your friends see the message and hop on in, and some Twitter randos also see it, and you have to simply hope that they are nice guests while visiting, but who knows, because a) this is Twitter and b) these are Twitter randos.

For Jessica though a third and magical thing happened: actor Elijah Wood turned up.

I love this because his name is just Elwood and his villager looks just like him. But also because he is just the most model island guest!

Anyone who has opened up their island to strangers will have stories about people they’ve never met in their life turning up and taking every damn piece of fruit on a tree, or just generally running around being weirdos.

Elijah, however, is displaying impeccable island protocol here:

Mrs. Wood, you raised a good boy. And Jessica, your island is indeed beautiful.



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