Our Favourite Fake Pokémon, Ranked

Our Favourite Fake Pokémon, Ranked
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Every Pokémon generation is accompanied by a raft of fan-designed fakes meant to lead people astray. Sometimes, fans share these fakes unwittingly and other times, it’s glaringly obvious that they’re meant to take the piss. These are a few of our favourite Fakémons and why we love them.

#10 — Mega Blissey

Mega Blissey comes courtesy of artist Badafra, who’s mocked up a fake Blissey evolution in the style of Pokémon: Sun/Moon. The detail here is stunning and perfectly replicates Pokémon‘s classic art style.

While Mega Blissey is not to scale, I can only imagine this Fakémon being simply ginormous — a house-sized ball of soft cotton candy. I would like approximately one hug from this Mega Blissey.

#9 — Yoshi

best fake pokemon Image: Nintendo Power (via GamesRadar)

April Fools’ Day gets the best of us — but this example from a 90s issue of Nintendo Power takes the cake. This hoax published in the magazine and on the official Nintendo website stated that Luigi could evolve from Lickitung and Yoshi could evolve from Dratini — but only after hours of gruelling training and a trade between friends.

Of course, nobody knew it was a joke until they actually tried it for themselves. This prank was golden, and remains a highlight of Pokémon rumours. Kudos, Nintendo.

#8 — This Cute Whale

best fake pokemon

The origin of this unnamed whale Pokémon is currently unclear, but it appears to have come from a Nyafuu archive, where the original poster claimed they’d received it as part of a Pokémon Go content drop in 2018. Of course, no such whale has ever appeared in any Pokémon game, making it an elusive and very well-designed fake.

It’s adorable — it’s got round little eyes and a cute rainbow horn. Likely, the creature was designed to be a Fairy/Water type like Popplio and its evolutions. All I know is I’d definitely have this thing on my team.

#7 — Alolan Jynx

Image: @RafiBema

This Alolan Jynx design by Rafi Bema is clearly designed to be fake (the watermark in the left corner is extremely visible) but that doesn’t stop it from being an incredible design. This version of Jynx, which hails from the Alola region, sports a stunning Hula-style outfit complete with shell decorations.

Her usual shell bra has been traded out for some coconuts here, making for a decidedly tropical look. She’s totally working that outfit.

#6 — Welwel/Wotsall/Disden

best fake pokemon

When it was announced that Pokémon Sword and Shield would take place in a Britain-inspired locale, the internet got busy — and these Pokémon were the results of their efforts. Based on British police officers, this evolution series is definitely fake but totally hilarious.

The evolution of Wostall’s billy clubs into a much larger club is particularly fun, as is the evolving, wide-mouthed grin of Disden. Good stuff, this.

#5 — Mega Mr. Mime

best fake pokemon Image Eiddiw/Baidu

Mega Mr. Mime sees you when you’re sleeping and he knows when you’re awake. This horrifying design was first posted by user Eiddiw on a Baidu forum and is seemingly made out of nightmares. Your Pokémon team simply isn’t complete without this deeply horrifying specimen.

I particularly like how angry Mega Mr. Mime looks here. While the original Mr. Mime looks goofy and fun, this version is all business — plus he’s got some mad arm muscles going on. If this version of Mr. Mime punched you, you would fly at least seven kilometres and that’s guaranteed.

#4 — Jynqueen

best fake pokemon Image: Eiddiw/Baidu

Also posted by Eiddiw on Baidu is this fake beauty — Jynqueen. Jynqueen is an evolution to Jynx, the diva Pokémon, and she looks absolutely stunning with a snow crown and flower-petal dress. She’s described as egocentric and is given the alternative name ‘Queen of Lips’.

She looks like she’s absolutely living for the drama. I would welcome this messy queen on my team any day.

#3 — Platypet

best fake pokemon

Platypet was a supposedly ‘leaked’ starter designed for Pokémon Sword/Shield on Nintendo Switch. It’s totally adorable and it’s clear to see why people started believing it was real. It would transform into another platypus-based Pokémon known as Platyquill, and then finally evolve into the much larger Swimperor.

Ironically, Platypet did end up finding its way into an online Pokémon game (sort of). The Pokémon-inspired RPG Temtem adopted Platypet into its own creature line-up when it launched last year, letting fans finally get their hands on the adorable little sucker.

#2 — Popplio’s Horrifying Clown Evolution

best fake pokemon

When Sun and Moon were released, the first look at the Pokémon starters sent people into a frenzy. These leaked images shared online were reported to be the actual designs for Popplio’s second and third evolutions — and many people believed it. Take a look at that creepy, staring clown face. Just look! It’s incredible.

Popplio’s final evolution turned out to be far more elegant than this, but it’s crushing to think we could’ve gotten this mad, murderous clown instead. Truly, a great loss.

#1 — Bidoof (All Legendaries)

best fake pokemon

The original creator of the All-Legendaries Bidoof has since been lost to time, but their work remains as a testament to the glory of Pokémon. This unique Bidoof contains bodily features from every Legendary Pokémon in existence, making him the most Legendary of them all. While it was never part of any hoax or leak, its mere presence alone is enough to make you worship at its altar.

None can match the legacy of this Bidoof.


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