There’s Now A Jim’s Mowing Monopoly Game

There’s Now A Jim’s Mowing Monopoly Game

If you’re going to buy weird versions of Monopoly, you might as well get the one about cutting grass.

Here’s a frightening tip from Lachlan in the Kotaku Australia Discord server. Jim’s Mowing – yes, the Australian franchise chain about mowing lawns and killing termites – somehow has gotten the rights to print their own Monopoly spin-off.

“You know the Brand. You know the Man,” the official store listing reads. “Now play the fast-dealing property game MONOPOLY: JIMS GROUP EDITION. Featuring some of the most well-known and iconic divisions in Jim’s.”

jims mowing monopoly

There’s no official shots of the packaging just yet, only that 1500 copies have been printed. They’ll start shipping from May, and they’re selling for $60 at pre-order.

“Play your way around the board and amass properties so you can become bigger than Jim himself,” the page says.

To their credit, Jim’s Mowing Monopoly – and that should be the official name, Hasbro – is a lot better than some of the garbage fire Monopoly spin-offs we’ve seen. The packaging doesn’t look like any of the names of properties have actually been changed, but it’s concept art only, so maybe Boardwalk will be replaced by Jim’s Mowing Drive. Or Argyle Ave. Who knows.

I bet the chance and community chest cards would be pretty fun, though. “Make a donation to the local Bunnings sausage sizzle,” and so on.

If you like throwing away money at bad board games, the official Jim’s Monopoly listing is here. 1425 copies are available at the time of writing, so get in quick.


    • David ‘Jim’ Penman is also a libertarian nutjob of the most extreme variety whose interests include eugenics (the idea that certain ‘races’ are genetically inferior) and epigenitics.

      Also from his wiki:
      Penman has 11 children, has been married four times and described himself as an evangelical Christian. He also has cold showers to promote vigor and advocates discipline and chastity. He attends a creationist church.[38]

      He’s also notorious for screwing over franchisees.

      Please don’t support this guy.

          • Jims Group has 54 different business types. i’m sure they could figure out a few tokens from those. A little chainsaw from Jims Tree and Stump Removal, or a tiny PC for Jims Computer Services, or maybe even a little hazmat suit to represent Jims Hazardous Materials franchises. Who wouldnt want to play with that!?!?!

            The possibilities arent endless, but there are potentially 54 of em.

          • How sure are you of that?

            First clue it isnt is the concept art. Says Jims Group Edition.

            Second clue it isnt is on the pre-order page, where the board also has Jims Group on it. Bonus clue is all the different Jims Group companies on the box itself. It has Jims Mowing, Antennas, Building Inspections, Dog Wash, Fencing, Pool Care, Test & Tag, Termite & Pest Control, and one other I cant quite make out.

            Game isnt Jims Mowing Monopoly, its Jims Group Edition. The article, like most of Australia, focuses on just one aspect of the group – mowing. The game doesnt.

          • Ahh, you got me. I just looked at the title of the article. Truly, grunt, you are a master of observation. I wouldn’t want to play against you in a game of the inevitable ‘Jim’s Group Pictionary’.

  • What happens when you keep people in doors for too long; political correctness going apeshit, that’s what!

    • The whole point of it is for one person to screw over everyone else. It’s pretty easy to break the game as well.

      • There’s tons of ways to break Monopoly, I’m yet to play a game of Monopoly where people follow the rules but.

        Free Parking is $500, You don’t auction off properties the moment somebody lands on them, You don’t need to develop evenly or even own all the colour to start building. And if we run out of Houses and Hotels we’ll just use what ever to make more.

        And I have a bunch of good board games like Catan, Carcesconne, Ticket to Ride, Betrayal at the House on Haunted Hill.

  • Here’s another fun fact for you storm Jim’s Group is the also the name of an Australian franchise here in Australia.
    But who says Monopoly Jim’s Group Edition sucks you really should support Jim he’s been doing business around Australia for 30 years he does everything for you whether you’re garden needs a clean up or the inside of your home needs a sparkle or if you need an antenna installation or you want a solar panel installed or you’re furry friend is in need of a good wash Jim’s Group can do it all for you just call them on 131 JIM that’s 131 546 and they’ll come to you and while I maybe my own boss walking dogs maybe sometime in the future I might choose to become a Jim’s Mowing franchisee at mowing lawns cleaning out gutters killing weeds removing rubbish and controlling garden pests.
    I think the Jim’s Group Edition of Monopoly doesn’t suck at all.

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