There’s Now A Jim’s Mowing Monopoly Game

If you’re going to buy weird versions of Monopoly, you might as well get the one about cutting grass.

Here’s a frightening tip from Lachlan in the Kotaku Australia Discord server. Jim’s Mowing – yes, the Australian franchise chain about mowing lawns and killing termites – somehow has gotten the rights to print their own Monopoly spin-off.

“You know the Brand. You know the Man,” the official store listing reads. “Now play the fast-dealing property game MONOPOLY: JIMS GROUP EDITION. Featuring some of the most well-known and iconic divisions in Jim’s.”

There’s no official shots of the packaging just yet, only that 1500 copies have been printed. They’ll start shipping from May, and they’re selling for $60 at pre-order.

“Play your way around the board and amass properties so you can become bigger than Jim himself,” the page says.

To their credit, Jim’s Mowing Monopoly – and that should be the official name, Hasbro – is a lot better than some of the garbage fire Monopoly spin-offs we’ve seen. The packaging doesn’t look like any of the names of properties have actually been changed, but it’s concept art only, so maybe Boardwalk will be replaced by Jim’s Mowing Drive. Or Argyle Ave. Who knows.

I bet the chance and community chest cards would be pretty fun, though. “Make a donation to the local Bunnings sausage sizzle,” and so on.

If you like throwing away money at bad board games, the official Jim’s Monopoly listing is here. 1425 copies are available at the time of writing, so get in quick.

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