People Are Already Playing Final Fantasy VII Remake In Australia

People Are Already Playing Final Fantasy VII Remake In Australia
Screenshot: Square Enix

When Square Enix announced physical copies of Final Fantasy VII Remake would ship to Europe and Australia earlier than its April 10 release date due to the covid-19 pandemic, we didn’t think they meant this early. The eagerly anticipated game is already in the hands of many Australians, as evidenced by a growing number of Twitch streams and YouTube videos.

“Love livin in aus right now” reads the title of one of the numerous Final Fantasy VII Remake live streams on Twitch this morning, nine days earlier than the official release date. What was supposed to be a global release on April 10 has turned into a strange, staggered release due to complications brought on by the covid-19 crisis. More than 30 streamers are broadcasting the adventures of gussied-up Cloud and friends in remade Midgar, and that number is only going to grow.

ImageScreenshot: Twitch, Kotaku

Note that the early release only covers physical versions of the game. The Australian PlayStation Store still lists digital versions of Final Fantasy VII Remake for April 10 release.

Square Enix urged early players to avoid giving out spoilers in its official announcement earlier this week. While the Western world waits for its copies, which Square Enix is hopeful will reach most players by launch day, caution is advised while browsing forums and social media.


  • I’m not going to give any spoilers, but I will say that although I have been one of this game’s fiercest critics from day dot, I am loving the crap out of it so far. (About 6 hours in now)

    What is loses in pacing, it makes up for in world-building.

  • Seconded. I was really concerned about this game when it was announced. Figured they’d somehow lose the charisma of the original and add too much fluff. So far it’s been an absolute joy. No spoilers but the early inclusion of Sephiroth is incredible (as shown in trailers).

  • Sucks if you don’t live in Australia right now. A bit disappointing to see all the streams but not surprised. Some people super salty. Some for good reason, others just plain jealous. Game is awesome though.

  • I’m around 30-ish hours in and it’s the game that keeps giving! 11/10! It’s amazing.

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