It’s 2020, So Of Course An Armed Pokémon Was At A Lockdown Protest

It’s 2020, So Of Course An Armed Pokémon Was At A Lockdown Protest

Because the United States of America is a rapidly failing state, one incapable of performing even the most basic civil functions, a stay-at-home order issued by the Governor of Michigan—like those enacted everywhere else around the planet to save lives—has been met with armed protests. And armed Pokemon.

Among the small crowd of arseholes, crackpots and MAGA chuds that gathered today outside the Michigan Capitol, ostensibly to argue that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s lockdown orders are infringing on their personal liberties and threatening the state’s economy, The Detroit News spotted this Pikachu. Normally content to employ Quick Attack or Thunderbolt, on this rainy day it was carrying an AR-9.

I just….can’t anymore. Here are a couple more shots from another Detroit News reporter:

If there’s ever a definitive book on the country’s fucked up response to this pandemic, I hope Morrison’s photo is the cover.


  • Morrison’s photo. Morrison is the guy who took the photo.

    Not Scott Morrison – the PM of Australia who either shat the bed or did the bare minimum depending on your source.

    • Well. We have yet to see if he has the fortitude to actually do the bare minimum, or if he’s going to cave in to the selfish lunatics who want everything to go back to normal ASAP… before we have a vaccine – the number one bare minimum mandatory requirement for normalcy.

  • Who the fuck carries an AR-15 rifle in the middle of a coronavirus lockdown in the US?
    The whole US state is fucked because of so many who lost their jobs and also those that have died because the US death toll is going continue rising before the end of the year if restrictions are not lifted soon.
    And whoever posted that fucking photo of someone dressed as Pikachu carrying an AR-15 rifle just delete it already we don’t want to fucking see it because this fucking coronavirus crisis is hitting the US very hard.

    • Good. That broken second world country full of re***** with broken brains, which elected the dumbest president in all it’s history deserves to be hit hard. Let it be a lesson to any nations which allows conservatives into power, including our own considering the stupid corrupt crap our PM has been trying to do such as give openly evil cultists privilege and power over normal intelligent folk.

    • Rofl the only thing funnier than occupants of Britain’s prison colony getting jealously butt-hurt about Americans carrying their rifles is the fact that Aussie’s will never elevate themselves above that jealous butt-hurt, because ya’ll willingly sacrificed your own tools of freedom and self-sufficiency. Enjoy your politically correct overlords controlling your every thought and action, LOL! ???????? >????????

  • That sad, broken, second world country where people actually hilariously think they’re ‘free’ just gets more embarrassing every day.

  • No matter how stupid the concealment, the utter insanity of allowing anyone to conceal themselves head to toe in public while holding a firearm speaks fucking volumes of the US…

  • That’s it. Keep protesting together in groups and make sure you stand nice and close. Shout loud and spray droplets far. Natural selection deems it so.

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