The Cats Of Kotaku

The Cats Of Kotaku

As many of us are currently working from home, that means we are getting to spend more time with our cats. And because the world is a terrible place right now, let’s take a moment to highlight the lovely cats of Kotaku who are keeping us all sane and happy. Mostly.

Paul Tamayo, Video Producer

“Here’s Ripley. She likes to mock me while I get ready for Ring Fit.”

Luke Plunkett, Senior Editor

“This is Koko, an enormous piece of shit that I somehow love with all my heart.”

Ashley Parrish, Staff Writer

“This is Gus my not-cat who almost died, but lived after having his entire penis removed.”

Michael Fahey, Senior Writer & Cat Collector

“This is Taco. He was named by my son, who was trying to say Gato. He is very long and is also David Bowie.”

“This is Jinx. She is in a box. Or on a box. Pretty much exclusively. She is the only cat who will ride in my lap when I am in my wheelchair.”

“This is Jinx with Jeff, one of our two orange cats. Jinx is our only female cat, and she is promiscuous.”

“This is Bacon, Jeff’s brother. He is stupid. In this picture, he is under a room divider. We adopted Jeff and Bacon from a friend of my wife who passed from cancer.”

“Finally, we have Jack. He lives in our bedroom and never comes out to the living room. I have seen him three times in the past four months. Emily assures me he is still alive.”

Ari Nortis, Staff Writer

“Meet Kvothe, who also goes by Reshi, and Puck (R), two soft boys who aren’t brothers but are in a clandestine relationship with each other. Things are usually peaches and gravy, but they sometimes fight over who gets the catnip.”

Zack Zwiezen, Weekend Editor

“Meet Sasha on the left and Rorie on the right. Sasha’s full name is Sasha Monae Zwiezen-Prewitt. Rorie’s full name is…Rorie. Can you tell which cat I got to name?”

Ethan Gach, Staff Writer

Daria’s been with us ever since my partner’s step-mum found her in a tree outside their house as a small kitten. I’ve never wanted anything to do with animals in general or cats in particular, but one day my partner came back from her parents’ house with Daria anyway.

She’s been a loyal protector and generous companion ever since. She sucks at finding the mice running rampant through our walls, but is excellent at cuddling up on your lap just when news starts to break. I will never be able to play with her as much as she deserves for waiting up late nights for me when I would commute to and from the New York office and my home just outside of Philly. Maybe she missed me as much as I missed her, or maybe she knew I’d guilty shovel out another quarter cup of cat chow for her while I made my midnight dinner.

I don’t know if I love animals anymore now, but I will always love Dario (and yes she’s named after a certain animated MTV idle of mine).”

Please, feel free to share your cat pics and stories in the comments below. During these dark days, we all need cute animal pictures.


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