Ellie From The Last Of Us Makes One Angry Anime Figure

Ellie From The Last Of Us Makes One Angry Anime Figure
Photo: Good Smile Company

Good Smile Company’s Nendoroid action figure of Ellie from The Last of Us Part 2 sure is cute when she’s angry, and she’s almost always angry.

Good Smile Company’s Nendoroid Ellie, available for preorder through August with a release date of November, does not have a good smile. The company’s first-ever figure from The Last of Us series only comes with two faces, and neither is particularly pleased to be here. There’s the yelling face, and then there’s what I like to call resting dog-murderer face.

Photo: Good Smile CompanyPhoto: Good Smile Company

I get it. Ellie doesn’t have a lot to smile about in The Last of Us Part 2. She does, however, have many things to kill, which is why she comes with a gun, a bow and arrow, that iconic brick, and a machete.

Photo: Good Smile CompanyPhoto: Good Smile Company

Ellie and her arsenal run about $75, the standard price for Good Smile Company’s basic Nendoroid figures. Not too expensive, but for the full effect may I recommend an additional Nendoroid figure.

Photo: Good Smile CompanyPhoto: Good Smile Company

Different game series, I know, but I’ve got a feeling these two will get along famously.

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  • Oh, the irony of the ‘very angry anime figure’ article. Hopefully the quip about the second face isn’t a spoiler for a game that just came out today. Theres enough of those being posted on the internet today already.

    • It appears that you missed something vital about that whole discussion. I wonder if you can guess what that was.

    • I still don’t get it. Does everyone think that, in this case, pointing out a stereotype in joke is seriously the truth. I totally sympathize with anyone maligned for race/religion/gender et al.

      I’m a ranga, and Ive had jokes about me bursting in to flames when opening a fridge, but that’s not realistic or going to happen so it’s not a concern. I’m not comparing being ginger to being black or LGTBIQ, and I’ve never feared for my life for being a redhead.

      I just don’t understand why people WANT to be angry.
      I feel crap when I’m angry.

      And I feel we all need to talk more, listen more, and yell and hurt less.

      I dunno, just think we could all be better people.

      I think I’m having a sad day

      • You say you’re not comparing being ginger to being black or LGTBIQ, which makes me wonder what specifically you are trying to achieve with this post. It seems like you’ve already worked out the answer to your own questions.

        Perhaps you’ve come across the aphorism “many a true word is spoken in jest”. It’s easy to duck for cover after expressing shitty sentiments by claiming humour. Donald Trump was just ‘joking’ when he speculated on the benefits of drinking bleach, after all.

        If you’re offended at once again being dismissed because of the colour of your skin or your sexuality, well that’s on you. It might be a ‘joke’ you’ve heard over and over again, it might be a sentiment that’s caused you and your friends to be excluded from a group, denied a job, or inspired strangers to threaten to bash you in a dark alley, but sure, it’s you who’s pouring a bucket of cold water on everyone else’s fun, nothing whatsoever to do with the person making the ‘joke’ at all.

        You might be a ginger but, as you say, you’ve never feared for your life for being a redhead.

        • I guess I just wanted to talk about how I feel about the situations being presented, and was wondering why there’s so much aggression. I’m not trying to ever say I know how they feel, and like you pointed out, I said I’ve never feared for my life for being a ginger. I’ve been, I guess assaulted, for being ginger. Had someone grope my genitals and yell rusty crutch in the change rooms in high school, and that’s probably the worst I’ve had.

          I’ve had strangers threaten to bash me in a dark alley with the quote, “F@#k off you fat c*nt”

          Again, that’s not a comparison, just a reply to your statement.

          But, in the end, YOU ARE RIGHT, I will NEVER completely understand, I’m NOT black, I’m NOT a woman, and I’m NOT LGBTIQ.

          I just don’t want people to lose they’re sense of humor around hyperbole.

          I’m sorry if I made you angry, and I guess I just want to understand better

          • You didn’t make me angry. You seemed genuinely interested in the discussion and so I made the effort to give you a considered reply to your reflections. Sometimes, I’ll admit, I have been in a mood around here to call out the usual suspects on their shit, but if my post came across as anything but a genuine attempt to engage with your through process here I apologise.

            And for the record, you shouldn’t have to put up with that crap as a ‘ginger’ either. A joke just isn’t funny if it’s the same one every second person you meet thinks you haven’t heard a thousand times already. The fact that some people do continue to crack such ‘jokes’ demonstrates, at an absolute minimum, an amazing lack of self-awareness and empathy on the part of the so-called jokers.

        • Now I feel like I can’t have an open an honest discussion about the way I feel and think about a situation, without finding aggression.

          First thing this morning, BEFORE I found this article and replied, I sent an email to indigenous actor Ernie Dingo, to learn more about his recent situation and gain a better understanding, when I realized i had an unconscious bias, that I neither realized nor was happy about (I’m not having that discussion here)

          I talk openly, because I want to understand more, and be the a good human

          • Cheers for that, and yeah Sorry for assuming you were angry or aggressive, I’ve got a couple of social and emotional disabilities and I read more into things sometimes.

        • Sorry to bombard you with replies, But i keep having new thoughts.

          I’ve only recently learned that LGBT is now LGBTIQ. I want to be respectful of anyones identity choices, but I find if I use the wrong pro-noun, I’m instantly the bad guy, and I didn’t even know.

          So, am I the bad guy?

          • The number of people likely to call you out on neglecting (or adding) a letter in an acronym is vanishingly small. The important thing is that you’ve made an effort and the vast majority of people will respect that.

            Of course, if you do get called out on occasion by some random stranger, sadly, that’s the internet, eh? Some people have just had a shitty day and are looking for a target upon which to take out their frustration. Click the mute button and move on with your life.

    • I’m with you as well. Also wish I could upvote. Can’t make jokes that reference a stereotype; Can make jokes that reference the unwanted jokes about the references of stereotypes.

  • My “sad day” spiel aside, That Chibiterasu made me smile, I might have to invest in one

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