How’s It Going?: Space Ghost Coast To Coast Edition

How’s It Going?: Space Ghost Coast To Coast Edition

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I was able to get access to HBO Max this week because my mum got it and shared her info with me. Thanks, mum! (She’s reading this right now. She reads everything I do. I’ll probably get a phone call about this post later today and how I mentioned her.)

HBO Max is filled with STUFF. But unlike Disney+, it feels very random. I know this is because Warner Bros. owns a bunch of stuff across so many genres and channels, but still weird to explore. I ended up watching a bunch of Space Ghost. Why? YOU GO TO PRISON!

It got me thinking about the best episodes of the show. I have put together a top three list. Let me know if you agree or disagree. But also know that “Kentucky Nightmare” is one of the best 12 minutes of animated television ever produced and my list will not change.

Your Daily Simpsons Space Ghost Clip

How’s it going? How’s life around your neck of the woods? Do you feel better or worse about the world today than like, a month ago?


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