The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle: How To Reduce Your Eco Footprint

The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle: How To Reduce Your Eco Footprint

The Sims 4‘s Eco Lifestyle expansion pack introduces a bunch of new features never seen in Sims games before. Among them is the ‘eco footprint’ system which grades how environmentally sustainable your Sim’s house and lifestyle is. Sims are graded on their power consumption and recycling skills — but the final score depends on the sustainability of their neighbours too. These are the steps you can take to lower your own eco footprint.

First, you’ll need to track your score as you make changes. To track your Sims’ eco footprint, you’ll need to hover over the middle console. In the lower right, the game will assign you an eco footprint score between ‘green’ (good) and ‘industrial’ (bad).

track sims eco footprint

Here’s how to gain ‘green’ eco footprint status.

Use eco-friendly electronics

Eco Lifestyle adds in new stats for every piece of Sims furniture. Electronics now come with an energy consumption stat that indicates how sustainable it is. Some electronics also gain the ‘works off-the-grid’ trait, which means they don’t require a mains grid to operate. These are more sustainable than high-end electronics and reduce your power consumption significantly. Be sure to replace your higher-end electronics with cheaper, more eco-friendly options.

The less electronics you have on your lot, the more your eco footprint will drop.

If you can’t do without them, Sims now have the option to upgrade certain electronics to be eco-friendly. To do this, your Sims will need to build up their handiness skill via tinkering or reading handiness books. From there, they’ll need to purchase a fabricator to create eco upgrade parts. Once your Sims have these parts, most electronics can be upgraded to be completely eco-friendly.

Use recycled furniture

recycled furniture sims 4 eco lifestyle

Recycled furniture is a new furniture type introduced in the Eco Lifestyle expansion pack. Rather than purchasing this furniture through buy mode, Sims are able to craft it. To do this, they’ll need to purchase a fabricator and a recycler.

Recyclers can take unwanted items and turn them into material for crafting. Sims can then use the fabricator to create a range of recycled furniture including including lamps, couches, bookshelves, dressers and more.

Every piece of furniture contributes to the overall eco footprint score.

Use eco-friendly technology

eco friendly technology

Just like in real life, Sims can use a variety of technologies to improve their eco footprint. Eco Lifestyle introduces working solar panels to The Sims 4 as well as the rain-collecting atmospheric water generator that lets Sims use recycled water. A household power generator also helps keep your Sims off the power grid.

All of these objects up your sustainability and will significantly reduce your power usage over time.

Create a green neighbourhood

In order to become completely green, you will need the help of your entire neighbourhood. Here’s how you can get your whole neighbourhood involved in sustainability and reduce your overall neighbourhood eco footprint:

The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle: How To Clean Up Your Neighbourhood

The Sims 4's latest expansion pack, Eco Lifestyle adds a range of new features to the game including neighbourhood pollution, eco-sustainability and community action plans. The expansion encourages players to lead a green lifestyle with a new 'eco footprint' and community system you'll need to master. While you should focus on your own household to reduce your eco footprint, your final score depends on your community. Here's how you can use your influence to create the perfect, eco-friendly neighbourhood.

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The Sims 4‘s eco footprint mechanic is an interesting way of spicing up the game’s dynamic and making players think about environmental sustainability. While it does present challenges for the more frivolous Sims players, being able to upgrade your existing electronics is a great idea and one that should keep you very busy.

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