Buggy Switch Game Pulled After Using Zelda Music Without Permission


On July 2, open-world game Final Sword was released on the Japanese Nintendo eShop. Players soon noticed something familiar. The background music sounded like “Zelda’s Lullaby.”

Have a listen for yourself.

Compare to “Zelda’s Lullaby.”

According to Automaton, Final Sword has been removed from the eShop after using Zelda music without permission. 

HUP Games, Final Sword’s developers, told Automaton that they had purchased the background music, mistakingly thinking they had the licence to use it and did not intend to violate copyright. HUP Games added that it’s explained the issue to Nintendo and is switching out the problematic score for a different one so that the game can be re-released. 

Music issues aside, there appear to be other snafus with the game, such as in this section where either the block moves, but the player doesn’t seem able to…

The block moves faster than the player can…

Or players fall to sudden death from locations that really aren’t that high!

There are other bugs, too, such as enemies that have tiny hitboxes from behind, intense colour hues, and a whole bunch of what the fuck. 

Online in Japan, for years now, fans have nominated games for the Kusoge (“Shit game”) of the Year. Is it too early to put in one’s nomination for 2020? 


  • Who would have thought this would happen when you let any kid upload his shovelware crap to your platform.. rest in peace nintendo official seal of quality :'(

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