Ghost Of Tsushima: How To Max Out Your Health

Ghost Of Tsushima: How To Max Out Your Health
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Ghost of Tsushima relies heavily on combat. If you want to survive, you’ll need to focus on building skills including your health — but it’s not as straightforward as ploughing through hoards of enemies and reaping the rewards.

There’s two ways of maximising your health in Ghost of Tsushima

The first involves upgrading your armour. Each armour is tiered and can be improved by visiting your local armourer.

Upgrades require certain materials — a large amount of supplies and smaller amounts of leather, linen and other materials. These can be found through exploration. Enemy encampments and smaller towns are great places to start searching, but you can also loot supplies from dead enemies or collect material gifts from gold villages.

Once you have the required goods, head to your local armourer and level up. Each armour tier comes with a significant health boost and skills to aid you in combat.

The second way of maximising your health is visiting a hot spring. Hot springs are littered throughout Tsushima and can be found on the map. They take the form of tiny wooden buckets and are found all over.

Every hot spring you visit increases your health just by stepping into the water. Simply relax and ponder your future, and enjoy the tiny health increase with every hot spring you visit.

Those health bars add up over time. And when you’re playing on harder difficulties, maximising your health is essential.

If you have trouble locating healing springs, you may need to first unlock the hot springs ‘Exploration’ ability using your technique points. You’ll find this within the Samurai skills sub-menu.

Once this exploration ability is unlocked, the guiding wind will help you locate these areas on the map and lead you directly to the healing waters. Visiting every spring on the map will help you reach maximum health.

It’s just one of the ways Ghost of Tsushima makes exploration so rewarding.

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