There’s Another Warhammer 40K Animated Show on the Way

There’s Another Warhammer 40K Animated Show on the Way

It’s taken a long while, but Games Workshop is leveraging its tabletop empire into a whole transmedia push of comics, live-action TV shows, and animated series ” and now yet another is joining the fray.

Announced officially by the tabletop company last night, Interrogator is currently the third animated series in development by Games Workshop’s recently established Warhammer Storyforge branch, behind the CG Blood Angels series Angels of Death and the anthology series  Hammer and Bolter. Being developed with animation studio Sun & Moon, Interrogator follows the titular hero, described as a “down-on-his-luck Inquisitorial agent” facing a hard time in the grim darkness of the 41st millennium.

Well, everyone is in 40K‘s setting usually, but our Interrogator has the explicitly miserable task of losing his master ” presumably an Inquisitor, the Imperium’s anti-heretical elite secret operatives we’ll be learning a lot more about in Eisenhorn, the upcoming live-action show ” leaving him alone and facing an “uncertain future.”

We don’t know much more than that, other than the 2D animated show will adopt a noir-tinged desaturated colour palette. And, considering that the announcement drew attention to the Interrogator’s weapon ” a “stubber” pistol of the same style used by authoritarian police forces of the Palantine Enforcers in the 40K-spinoff game Necromunda ” we can perhaps speculate that our hero will find himself flung into the sinister underhive of one of the many dystopian cityscapes humanity calls home. Maybe we’ll see a few more Necromunda gangs causing trouble for him, or maybe whatever heretical threat waylaid his master, alien, daemonic, or otherwise.

It’s cool to see Games Workshop really making a concerted effort to flesh out its rich Warhammer worlds with all these new shows ” Interrogator especially being of interest considering how it could weave into the live-action series in terms of covering similar ground. But with three animated shows announced so far, and they’re all set in the sci-fi world of 40K rather than the fantastical leanings of classical Warhammer or its rebooted successor, Age of Sigmar, it’d be nice to see the company turn a similarly enthusiastic eye to its fantasy world too.

Is this me just begging for an Idoneth Deepkin show? Maybe it is, reader. Maybe it is. But still, it’d be nice to see this transmedia push explore things beyond the Imperium of Man, whether that’s the Space Marines or the Inquisition. There’s so much more to Warhammer 40K, and beyond that into Warhammer and now Age of Sigmar. Hopefully we’ll hear about some more varied material in Games Workshop’s transmedia plans in the future.

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