Watchmen’s Rorschach Lives in a New DC Black Label Series from Tom King and Jorge Fornés

Watchmen’s Rorschach Lives in a New DC Black Label Series from Tom King and Jorge Fornés

With HBO’s Watchmen and DC Comics’ Doomsday Clock event both wrapped up, the world of stories set in a universe that was once devastated by a telepathic squid has gone quiet as of late, but that’s all about to change in a new Rorschach comics series penned by Tom King with illustrations from Jorge Fornés and Clayton Cowles.

Set it the same universe as the original comics, Rorschach picks up 35 years after the world learned that the alien telepathic squid which killed millions was actually a creation of Ozymandias’ meant to give the world a common enemy. Though the Minutemen are through and Doctor Manhattan’s long since left the Earth, Rorschach is an object of cultural fixation whose popularity spikes when a pair of assassins presenting themselves as the masked vigilante turn up on the scene with a plan to assassinate President Robert Redford.

In a public statement, King explained how Rorschach‘s going to contain echoes of both HBO’s series and the comics, and he said the book will have a decidedly angry tone to it. “Like the HBO Watchmen show and very much like the original “˜86 Watchmen, this is a very political work.” said King. “It’s an angry work. We’re so angry all the time now. We have to do something with that anger. It’s called Rorschach not because of the character Rorschach, but because what you see in these characters tells you more about yourself than about them.”

Take a look at a preview selection below:

The cover of Rorschach #1. (Image: Jorge Fornés)
Rorchach wielding a smoking gun. (Image: DC Comics/Jorge Fornés, Clayton Cowles)
A man gazing out upon a city. (Image: DC Comics/Jorge Fornés, Clayton Cowles)

Rorschach #1 will be released on October 13.