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In the months leading up to its launch, DC Comics touted its new Black Label imprint as a part of its publishing arm where big-name comics creators could tell bold, mature stories about its heroes, exploring aspects of their lives that more mainstream titles tend not to.

Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo’s Batman: Damned made the biggest splash, in part, because a few panels featured a full frontally-nude Bruce Wayne. Now DC is wondering if it made a mistake.


Even though J’onn J’onzz is one of the most important and iconic members of the Justice League, the character has always been shrouded in a stifling amount of mystery. That’s in large part because there aren’t that many seminal stories about him. That’s changing this December with a new Martian Manhunter series from writer Steve Orlando and artist Riley Rossmo.


When DC Comics began publishing stories about the adventures of Batman and the Outsiders, the series was noted for its willingness to lead with a cast of relatively new, unknown characters, a rarity in comics. Though it’s been some time since that original team came together to help save the world during DC’s Dark Nights: Metal event, the publisher is ready to bring a new incarnation of the squad to its pages.


If you were to ask a casual comic book fan who the usual members of the Justice League are, you’d probably hear the standards: Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, the Martian, the fish dude, and so on. But for the past few years, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. have been heavy-handedly trying to turn Cyborg into a core member of the League in a way that’s both narratively weird and optically questionable.