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The H Dial is back, and it’s got a new wielder—but that might not be the most exciting thing about DC Comics’ latest relaunch of the beloved Dial H for Hero. To learn more about why now was the time to bring back the Silver Age icon’s wild world, io9 spoke to the new creative team, Sam Humphries and Joe Quinones.

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These days, superhero movies need a little something extra to make them stand out from the pack. They can’t just be a typical, big-budget, flashy action movie. There needs to be a certain level of humour, pathos, or some poignant commentary that takes the film to the next level. In the case of David F. Sandberg’s new DC movie Shazam, that’s exactly what happens, by hiding a movie about the power and importance of foster families inside a sometimes-silly superhero origin story.


We’re in a golden age of superheroic adaptations, on film and TV alike — so at this point, we know that some sacrifices have to be made in structure and time to make a story from one medium work in another. But for Mister Miracle’s Tom King, the one biggest change is a matter of time itself.


Young Justice: Outsiders presumes you have a fair amount of familiarity with the characters’ backstories and plot lines from previous seasons, as well as DC Comics’ larger canon. The DC Universe show could have easily stuck with its core cast of heroes and continued along with their already complicated arcs, but Outsiders is doing something else.