Batman Goes on the Ultimate Play Date in This Arkhamaniacs Exclusive Preview

Batman Goes on the Ultimate Play Date in This Arkhamaniacs Exclusive Preview
Image: Art Baltazar/DC Comics
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Long before he set out to become the world’s greatest detective, young Bruce Wayne was merely the world’s richest latchkey kid spending his days wandering around the halls of Wayne manor under Alfred’s supervision. In most tellings of Bruce’s childhood, the entire affair’s something of a gloomy period in the days leading up to his becoming Batman, but things are a little different in Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani’s Arkhamaniacs for DC Comics.

While most Gothamites see the Arkham apartment building as just another chunk of real estate owned by Wayne Enterprises, Arkhamaniacs’ young Brucie — heir to the Wayne fortune — suspects that there’s more to the place than meets the eye and sets out on a covert mission to figure out just what’s what. Not really being one for partnerships, Brucie is none too pleased when his new canine friend Ace decides to tag along for his mission, but once Brucie actually ends up within Arkham’s walls, having an ally by his side turns out to be an unexpected benefit, as Arkham’s residents are…well, you know.

In this exclusive preview of the book, Brucie comes face to face with the good folks who all call Arkham home and, much to Brucie’s surprise, they’re pleased as punch to see him skulking around in the bushes. Everyone except Poison Ivy, mind you. She’s not a fan.

Brucie and Ace deciding to investigate the Arkham Apartments. (Image: Art Baltazar/DC Comics)
Brucie not realising that Ace suspects there being something weird about the apartment building. (Image: Art Baltazar/DC Comics)
Poison Ivy waking up and realising that she's being watched. (Image: Art Baltazar/DC Comics)
Ivy confirming without a doubt that Brucie, a detective in training, needs to work more on his stealth skills. (Image: Art Baltazar/DC Comics)
Ivy wrapping Brucie up in some plants, as she's wont to do. (Image: Art Baltazar/DC Comics)
The Joker barging in on Ivy interrogating Brucie. (Image: Art Baltazar/DC Comics)
The Joker, Brucie, and Ivy having a conversation about what to do now that they're all up and together. (Image: Art Baltazar/DC Comics)
The Joker rushing off to wake up his neighbours to let them know that Brucie's arrived. (Image: Art Baltazar/DC Comics)
The rest of Arkham waking up to figure out what all the fuss is about. (Image: Art Baltazar/DC Comics)
The Arkham buds giving Brucie a warm welcome into their twisted abode. (Image: Art Baltazar/DC Comics)

Arkhamaniacs hits stores on December 8.