Nightwing’s New Start Is Back In Blüdhaven (And With Batgirl)

Nightwing’s New Start Is Back In Blüdhaven (And With Batgirl)
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Dick and Babs are teaming up, as Nightwing and the Batgirl are heading back to Blüdhaven to…well, fight crime and uncover traumatic, shocking familial revelations. What else did you expect?

This morning DC announced the latest creative reshuffling on its mainline comics with a new team for Nightwing: writer Tom Taylor, artist Bruno Redondo, and colorist Adriano Lucas. Kicking off in Nightwing #78, Taylor, Redondo, and Lucas’ run will be set after the events of DC’s Future State event, and see Dick Grayson head back to his old haunts in Blüdhaven, after the city elects a new Mayor…Mayor Zucco, sparking Dick’s mind with memories of the man who killed his parents.

Image: Bruno Redondo and Adriano Lucas/DC Comics

But as he and Barbara investigate the mayor’s links to the man who orphaned him, Barbara discovers that there are much wilder ties to Dick’s past than either of them could’ve predicted. Which is saying something, considering they’re, y’know, supersmart members of the Batfamily and have seen some stuff. But anyway, let’s all ignore that because the real news DC included in the announcement is that…Dick Grayson might adopt a puppy!?

Image: Bruno Redondo/DC Comics


This three-legged pupper is teased as showing up in Taylor, Redondo, and Lucas’ debut issue as a potential sidekick for Dick, after he rescues her from a group of thugs in the issue. Please, Bruce has Ace. Let the original Robin have his own canine companion!

Nightwing #78 hits shelves in March 2021.