Wear A Damn Mask

Wear A Damn Mask

I don’t care if you’re in Michigan, Manchester or Melbourne, if you have to leave your home and can’t stay away from other people, wear a mask.

It’s not hard! And to help illustrate this, here’s every single Smash Bros. UItimate character — and these guys are doing sweaty work — wearing one, courtesy of aliigleed, who even went so far as to put masks on the characters wearing helmets. Because you can never be too careful!

I’ve posted a few highlights below, but you can see the entire gallery — including alt costumes — here.


  • Live in Tas, borders are closed and no cases for something like 2 months now. No one is wearing masks and I’m OK with that.

  • Tips:

    Masks with fastenings which go over-the-ear are generally easier to wrangle than around-your-head masks, unless you have a hearing aid, or wear a hijab.

    Blow your nose before you put your mask on; you can’t blow your nose while wearing a mask. Ask me how I know.

    Put them on and take them off using the straps; try not to touch the mask itself.

    Wash them in warm soapy water and leave them out to dry; it’s like backpacking in Europe, only with masks instead of undies.

    Consider a matching tricorn; you will look like a Dandy Highwayman.

    • “Consider a matching tricorn; you will look like a Dandy Highwayman.” Love this idea. Must have matching flintlocks as well though.

  • If you live in a COVID-19 hotspot in Melbourne or Mitchell Shire and refuse to comply by the laws by not wearing a face mask you will be fined $200.

  • It’s funny because getting around Japan in their Winter this year, just as many people were wearing masks as not (well before the Chinese lockdown), and they’ve been doing this for years. Enough that they’ve really worked on the art of making these things stylish, comfortable, convenient, and affordable.

    There’s a particular brand I saw EVERYWHERE called ‘Pitta’ which has the style most of these images appear to be using, in a variety of colours, patterns, and other trendy designs, including branded nerd shit.

    Making this shit look and feel good is how it’s done, and the Japanese are already all over it. We should be doing the same, more widespread than random Etsy shops.

    That, and working real hard on the thing that’s even more effective than masks: staying the fuck at home.

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