Aussie YouTuber Buys $9 Million Beachside Home, All From Playing Fortnite

aussie youtuber
Image: Alex Walker (Kotaku)

In an indication of just how enormous and successful content creators are becoming, one Australian YouTuber has just forked out almost $10 million for a single house.

There’s no surprise who the YouTuber is. It’s Elliott “Muselk” Watkins, the hyper-successful Overwatch turned Fortnite YouTuber and founder of the Click Management talent agency.

A shot of Muselk during his Overwatch days, playing for Australia in the first Overwatch World Cup.

Things are going so well that Watkins, who is Australia’s 8th most popular YouTuber, was able to fork out $9.125 million for a home in Tamarama. Tamarama is a beachside suburb just south of Bondi Beach, although the views, as reported by Domain, are pretty damn spectacular.

The home was previously owned by Peter James, a cinematographer who’s worked on Driving Miss DaisyParadise RoadDouble Jeopardy and Mao’s Last Dancer. It went on the market last year, and James had previously owned it for nearly 40 years after acquiring it in 1981.

The Domain story has a few other interesting background details about Watkins, but what’s really cool here is just appreciating the stratospheric success one Australian can have so far away from the majority of the gaming industry. This kind of success isn’t simply the byproduct of luck, or one particular game’s explosive popularity. It takes a hell of a lot of grinding to continually pump out videos, an awful lot of energy, and a shitload more to keep going years after the initial success.


  • I am more surprised that this wasn’t kept completely private, they already have had bad/weird experiences with fans turning up to their front door of their houses and offices.

    • Settlement papers are available publicly — that’s kind of the tradeoff when you get into this class of citizen. Which is a pretty enormous achievement in that context.

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  • Huh. I watched the occasional Muselk video when he was just playing TF2, then he switched to Overwatch and he fell off my radar, and although I knew he was doing very well I didn’t realise he was doing quite this well.
    It’s always a little depressing to be reminded just how successful some people are on YouTube while I’m sitting on a little over 3000 subs, but he definitely worked hard at it and obviously treating YouTube like a job worked very well for him.

  • Finally! A story about a young person buying their own home that doesn’t have “he started out with nothing but a $20,000 loan from his parents!”

    • …you forgot the part about “the couple lived at home (rent free and all meals cooked for them and all bills paid) for three years to save for a deposit” followed by an (undisclosed) “is a current or former office bearer of the Young Liberals”.

      • News limited publications always seem to love posting those articles.

        I greatly hate the ones where its “Teenage boy/girl is now millionare from simple idea”

  • Congrats to the guy and all, but at the macro level I despair for the humanity watching the work we disproportionately award people for and the work we barely pay over subsistence wages for.

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