Australian Defence Force Cuts Ties With Champchong, Muselk Over Tweets, Rape Jokes

Elliott "Muselk" Watkins, pictured as part of Australia's Overwatch World Cup Team in 2016. Image: Player Attack

A report by Sydney newspaper the Daily Telegraph has resulted in the Australian Defence Force cutting ties with two prominent Australian YouTubers, Elliott "Muselk" Watkins and Alen "ChampChong" Catak.

According to the cover story, which was re-reported on broadcast TV earlier this morning, the ADF spent $52,500 for the two to produce sponsored content. The videos were intended to drive younger Australians to sign up for the armed forces, and one of the said videos can be seen below. Update: Following the publication of this article, the sponsored videos have been taken down.

The Telegraph's report went through comments made by Muselk and ChampChong in previous posts and YouTube videos, writing that the pair had made rape jokes online and other derogatory comments. The story also ran with screencaps of old ChampChong tweets, including the ones referenced below.

Examples of tweets sent by Catak include one post in 2013 where he wrote: "not being racist, but movies are made by jews, they care for every last cent lol." In another tweet written the same year, Catak joked about harassing women writing: “This girl was dressed like a whore & I asked ‘how much’ She replied ‘what’ I was like ‘how much for you’ & she was like ‘u think I’m a slut’.”


In 2016, Watkins also uploaded a video to YouTube titled “The RACIST Bastion!”. The video featured audio of him laughing when another game player says he is being “raped” in the corner. In 2017 he also uploaded a video where he flippantly described a game character he did not like as “the face of cancer”.

- Daily Telegraph, August 15, 2018

Defence Minister Marise Payne has ordered the cancellation of the ADF's arrangement with the pair, and said the decision to hire the two was a failure of due diligence. "The material is offensive and has no place in any relationship with the Australian Defence Force or the Defence organisation," the Minister is quoted as saying.

Neither ChampChong or Muselk has made any comment publicly, or to the Telegraph, about the story. Click Management, the talent management agency of which Muselk is a director, said in an email to Kotaku that they "won't be making a comment" about the story.


    Bring back James Gunn!

      It wasn't until you replied to my post that i noticed this gem. do you honestly not understand how the two things are different? Or are you acting dense as hell for fun?

        Feel free to explain the difference. Personal attacks don't help your case.

          I don't need to make a case. But I'll assume you actually don't understand how the military arm of the government not wanting to associate with modern bigotry isn't the same as a company not wanting to associate with historical bigotry that was already unearthed, dealt with, and penance paid.
          Because I'd prefer to think you can't grasp basic comparisons rather than think you're this invested in such an unsatisfying troll job.

            The tweets were 5 years old in this case.
            None of the tweets (Gunns or ChampChongs) or videos (Muselk) were bigoted.

            obstinately or unreasonably attached to a belief, opinion, or faction, and intolerant towards other people's beliefs and practices.

            And again, you haven't really made the point as to why THESE differences change the appropriate action of response.

            You keep sending out personal attacks and bad mindreading. It really doesn't help your case

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    Ok, Muselk's tweet and videos were recent, so I can agree with the decision to remove him from the deal. However, ChampChong's tweets were back in 2013, over 5 years ago. He's possibly matured and is very different to the person he was back then. So I think it's a bit harsh to remove him from the deal at this point.

    Everyone has a past, it's not going to be clean. If you believe that you haven't said something racist, sexist, genderist, or whatever ist gets people riled up these days sometime in your past, then you're full of shit and a liar.

    This whole digging through someone's past on twitter to remove them from any deals or jobs that they have now is just insane. People have the capacity to change and grow over time and change the way they talk and the things they believe. So maybe we should all stop being digital witch hunters and just leave the past in the past a focus on the here and now.

      I'll preface this by saying that racism, sexism etc are obviously wrong and we need to do everything we can to remove discrimination from society but I agree with this 1000%. To treat people this way, getting them sacked etc, is often significantly worse than whatever the person did in the first place. And, as you say, the double standards are ridiculous! Outcries over things said so long ago. If, right now, everyone lost their job for saying or doing something moderately offensive in their past, then the world economy would collapse. That's not even hyperbole.

        Yeah, but that's the reality of the digital world, you put your stuff out there, you have to expect it to come back and bite you... live by the sword man...

      Disagree entirely. People need to understand that posting publicly is just that - at any age. Personally I hope it continues and perhaps teaches the next few generations to (re) learn public versus private. Besides, a lot of people DON'T mature or grow up and just continue to be twats online as they get older. Keep it private or learn to delete it.

        Weird that you are saying that as a guest...

      1000000% agree with this. There needs to be a clause where people cannot be fired etc over their past (4 to 5 year old) tweets etc

      Everyone says stupid shit, it's just that instead of being in front of a small crowd these days its on the internet

      How old was he when he made these tweets?

    Can't blame them for cutting ties, they sound like dickheads, but about the 'face of cancer' comment - this term needs to die, but it's worth remembering that even people like TotalBiscuit have been telling people to 'get cancer and die' for ages, so I don't know why this particular instance is singled out. Unless there's some context that isn't relayed?

    Context is paramount. I watched "The RACIST Bastion" and it was completely harmless.

    Not surprised by the ADF's decision though as it's heavily involved with political correctness lately. Something that is reportedly driving members out.

      By 'members' you of course mean 'racists and bigots'.

        By 'racists and bigots' you of course mean 'non-puritans'.

      Something that is reportedly driving members out.

      Political Correctness is driving members out? Huh. The other way of looking at it, political correctness is setting adrift the deadwood. For which, there has been far too much of, for decades.

      and it was completely harmless.

      just because you find rape jokes and such things as 'harmless', that doesnt mean they are harmless. It just means they are harmless to you. I cant say I offended by the video or anything but it is typical tiresome juvenile humour, in forty years I have never fun a reason to joke about rape, jews or cancer. Any time any one loses a job because of those type of things, is alright by me. It has nothing to do with political correctness, just simple human decency.

        The other way of looking at it, political correctness is setting adrift the deadwood.
        Compelled speech (pronouns), soldiers being told banter culture is bad, white privilege nonsense, gender quotas on recruitment... Having a gutful of this agenda does not make you deadwood.

        I cant say I offended by the video or anything but it is typical tiresome juvenile humour, in forty years I have never fun a reason to joke about rape, jews or cancer. Any time any one loses a job because of those type of things, is alright by me.
        I didn't find that funny. You're fired.

          You seem terribly upset with the fact that society no longer tolerates bigotry. Perhaps you should harden up and get over it. There's no safe space for bigots, snowflake.

            Incorrect assumption. Take your own advice when someone else has a different opinion than you.

              I'm not upset, though. I'm quite happy about the whole thing because I'm SJW trash.

            Bigotry is all about intolerance, claiming that society no longer tolerates bigots would seem to indicate it no longer tolerates itself. You can do better than personal attacks.


              Nope. Try again. You bigotry apologist.

                That is an anti-Islam argument you happen to be using there. One which has actually been dealt with by both the left and the right. The solution is to be tolerant of them, but to also educate.
                Also worth noting here is that from my point of view you are the bigotry apologist.

                  Nope. Your logical leaps are death defying.

                  But sure, let's just be cool with, say... Nazis because to say that their plan to put the entirety of humanity under the boot of a small few based on skin colour and sexual preference is bad would be intolerant. Christ, mate.

                  Not sure exactly what you mean with "be cool with" here, it doesn't mean accept it, it doesn't mean not argue with, it doesn't mean resist them. It actually just means let them think and say that and, if you feel the need, try to educate.
                  And it would be intolerant, that's the whole point you were making with the paradox of tolerance, remember?

                  I'm not going to argue with someone who has such poor reading comprehension. So my last post will be an explanation of the intolerance paradox.

                  Here's the last fuck I have. a gift to you:
                  If we tolerate Nazis to spread their rhetoric of genocide, eventually we'll all either be forced to side with the Nazis, or become victims of that genocide. Meaning zero net tolerance on the earth. So in order to keep any tolerance in this world, we must be intolerant of the things that would lead to a net loss in tolerance. Things like fascism. Nazis are fascists.

                  So fuck Nazis and fuck their apologists. They're not welcome. Ever.

          A few centuries of white privilege is not nonsense, its just simply history. As for gender quotas, they exist for a pactivcular reason, to break out of hiring modes and stereotypes that have been left to fester for decades, if not longer. Yes in some sense they can be a bit too 'in your face' but in a generation or two when they are no gender barriers left (or barely a few) this unsubtle gender quota era will be forgotten. You cant create a mass social change on this level, and evolve with out huge steps. EG there was a time when people complained that white and black people on the tv kissing or having a relationship was seen as 'having an agenda' and now, no one (expect maybe some Trump voters) even batter an eyelid, because it is normal and routine.

          So by all means live in the past. If that is what makes you feel comfortable. Just dont get upset when people who have evolved, surpass your out dated ideas.

            I'm not upset, I'm just part of the discussion here. I came here to say context is paramount and that I'm not surprised the ADF cut ties with the youtubers. Every comment in reply to mine is merely assumption about my views with political goggles on. But by all means try to paint me a certain way to make yourself feel better.

              you are the one linking to (barely) a story featuring the unproven ramblings of a politician from the right. And using it is as proof of anything. So not sure why you say I have political googles on. As far as i know politics doesnt come into jokes about rape or sexism and racism and such things.

                I think a former SAS soldier would have many reliable connections and friends in the defence force. Up to you to dismiss it as unproven ramblings.
                I never said I wasn't being political but the replies are nothing but thats bigotry, thats racism...

        So where is the harm?
        I mean, someone losing their job because of these things is actual tangible harm, but where is the harm you are claiming exists in making these jokes?

        MODS: This doesn't seem to violate any community guidelines. It is a question asking blakeavon to elucidate their point.

          Questions asked in bad faith aren't questions at all.

            (Bad) mindreading. The questions are not made in bad faith.

              Institutionalised bigorty causes no harm. Why can't you see that he needed that job more than other people need to not be marginalised by the military arm of the government!? IT'S POLITICAL CORRECTNESS GONE MAD!

              Note: Before you latch onto this clear hyperbole designed to make fun of you and pretend that it's proof that you're somehow not being disingenuous, this is not an actual quote. It's clear hyperbole designed to make fun of your clearly disingenous calls to reason.

                clearly disingenous calls to reason.

                Bad mindreading.

                  I call em like I see em, bucko.

                  Don't need to read minds when you can just read the words.

                  @pokedad Feel free to use my words then. You haven't had much luck yet.

      Was that before or after the Chief of the Army and CDF literally told them to resign because their behaviour and beliefs weren't wanted anymore?

      Australia doesn't have a shortage of people wanting to enlist (except in the specialist trades where you're more likely to see people from a range of races, cultures and sexes anyway). Maybe we should work a little bit harder to try to find the good people rather than putting up with random chuds who have a hard-on for killing, hate women/foreigners or think that jokes about rape and nazism are 'good fun'.

        Citation? Particularly on the hard-on for killing and hatred of women and foreigners. Jokes are jokes, so I don't really care who thinks what is funny so long as they don't actually cause harm.


          go to google and search for the "standard you walk past is the standard you accept" speech by David Morrison. It is one of most memorable speeches in this country in decades. Everyine should know about, then they wouldnt say such rubbish as

          Jokes are jokes

          because the type of things we are talking about here, arent really jokes. They are just things someone says to try and sound edgy and cool but they are anything but.

          The thing about

          Jokes are jokes

          mentality is that it is so flawed. especially jokes on racist levels or sexism. often the person telling the joke has no idea how much REAL damage they are doing, just because in their mind they are being funny, but the reality is far from it.

          You know life is really easy, it has nothing to do with political correctness: Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. If the only way to can express yourself is by putting down others based on things they cant change (sex, race), maybe, just maybe, the problem isnt them... it is the one who is (apparently) joking.

            Ah, that was something I was missing, but yes, as voljin states that was a response to behaviour which is unquestionably harmful.
            I'm still not convinced that there is actual harm in these jokes (which they are, they do not reflect the opinions of the people involved and you can tell as much in the video).
            You say that often the person telling the joke has no idea how much REAL damage they are doing... That is the damage which I was hoping would be elucidated in the comments here, and it's damage that noone has really been able to point out other than saying that it isn't obvious. What links these jokes, or this style of comedy, to actual harm?

        The then Chief of Army said that in response to soldiers being involved in a sex ring and posting videos about it. Obviously that behaviour is never okay.

    This our society people.

    You want proof there is other life in the universe - they've never tried to contact us.

    Human beings are fucked.

    I'm on the fence about this. On one hand I applaud the ADF for taking action as there is no place for racism or prejudice going forward. If psychology tells us anything though, it that it's extremely difficult to change someones views without the right set of circumstances. I just don't think a 'your fired' is the right set of circumstances to do this.

    They may have done better setting an example rather than making an example of them.

      Conflation of 'jokes' with 'views'. Dead baby jokes do not support dead babies, rape jokes do not support rape and jokes about jokes about chickens crossing roads do not support roadkill.

        To most it's jokes, to some it's inflammatory.

        Last edited 26/08/18 10:17 pm

          So it is mindreading. The people who see it as inflammatory are projecting intent onto the jokes at that point. There is a reason thought-crime is seen as a bad thing to police.

    So where is the harm?
    I mean, someone losing their job because of these things is actual tangible harm, but where is the harm you are claiming exists in making these jokes?

    "In 2016, Watkins also uploaded a video to YouTube titled “The RACIST Bastion!”. The video featured audio of him laughing when another game player says he is being “raped” in the corner."

    Actual context is important, Muselk wasn't laughing about someone being raped in a corner he was laughing about Aardvark's antics of acting creepy as Winston and Tyrodin making a joke about how creepy he was being. It wasn't Muselk laughing about rape, it was him laughing about the idiotic antics of his friends

    "In 2017 he also uploaded a video where he flippantly described a game character he did not like as “the face of cancer”."

    ...Really, something that the vast majority of the Overwatch community has been doing and now it's a problem simply because a Youtuber shares the same opinion(as well as tons of other content creators).

    I get that people are sensitive but....seriously. Acting like this is on the same level as someone making rape jokes and anti-semitic jokes?

    Why are people so narcissistic now a days? In the sense that people so often believe their standards on say human decent or humor are the standers humanity as a whole should follow. To be put bluntly who are you to say your views are more important than others; their not. I mean who are you to say a certain joke has no place in modern society what gives you that right.

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